B2B研究和咨询 : 我们的价值观

Deep market knowledge coupled with industrial research processes to deliver actionable custom insights and strategic guidance to Marketers and strategists



…in working with business and strategic planners to provide defensible business planning assumptions and strategies that identify market potential, assess relative competitive positions, examine critical success factors for achieving potential, and evaluate risk versus opportunities in emerging technology businesses. For nearly thirty years Strategy Analytics consultants have provided global leaders in technology with insights to develop successful new products and services in highly competitive, rapidly evolving markets.



…in exploring commercial, industrial, and consumer markets worldwide for information on adoption rates, willingness to pay, applications drivers, and barriers to adoption and use for products and services. Strategy Analytics consultants use a portfolio of market research methodologies to gather defensible qualitative and quantitative information and insights frequently based on “the voice of the customer” to meet the specific requirements of each project.



…of user decision behavior, support requirements, applications needs, and adoption criteria for technology products and services.

Strategy Analytics consultants combine information from the knowledge bases developed through our Strategic Advisory Services with insights gained in working with leading semiconductor manufacturers, equipment vendors, and customers to meet the business planning needs of our clients




…in assessing the critical success factors, relative strengths and weaknesses, market opportunities, and business risks inherent in emerging businesses facing strategic stakes in global competition. Strategy Analytics consultants focus on providing objective information, forecasts, and market share estimates under alternative scenarios to create defensible information to support business planners launching new services and products.

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