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Automotive Hypervisors: Usage Growing in the Cabin & Beyond
Controller Shipments 15 3.3 Telematics ECUs and Gateway ECUs 16 3.4 ADAS Domain Controller Forecast 18 3.5 EV Powertrain Systems 18 4. Vendor Overviews 20 4.1 Blackberry 20 4.2 Elektrobit 21 4.3 ETAS 22 4.4 Green Hills 23 4.5 Harman 24 4.6 Lynx Software Technologies 24 4.7 Mentor Graphics 25 4.8 OpenSynergy 25 4.9 SysGo 27 4.10

Report | 13/07/2020 Greg Basich | Automotive

V2X 2022 Update: China Leads Deployments While Other Regions Remain Mired in Uncertain Regulatory Environments
(Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensors. Infotainment and Telematics ©Strategy Analytics 2022 All Rights Reserved | 10 • DSRC was standardized by the IEEE

Report | 28/07/2022 Mark Fitzgerald | Automotive

V2X 2022 Update: China Leads Deployments While Other Regions Remain Mired in Uncertain Regulatory Environments
frequency for V2X, to support new safety applications that could enable drivers to be alerted about possible collisions from other vehicles beyond the driver’s sight and the FoV (Field of View) of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensors. Autonomous Vehicles ©Strategy Analytics 2022 All Rights Reserved

Report | 28/07/2022 Mark Fitzgerald | Automotive

Electric Vehicle Power Electronics: Increasing Use of 800 Volts, Integrated Designs and Silicon Carbide
:......................................................................................................................... 98 Table of Exhibits Exhibit 3-1 Global xEV Powertrain Forecast ................................................................................................ 7 Exhibit 3-2 xEV Powertrain Electronics System Market ............................................................................ 8 Exhibit 4-1 Panasonic Universal Battery

Report | 14/10/2022 Kevin Mak | Automotive

India: The Automotive Infotainment Market - 2022 Update
Connected cars come equipped with several security and safety features such as real-time location sharing/tracking, emergency SOS calls in case of an accident, roadside assistance in case of vehicle breakdown, live vehicle diagnostics (airbag status, brake system status, and powertrain status), driver drowsiness detection, maintenance alerts

Report | 19/08/2022 Richard Robinson | Automotive

User Experience Evaluation: 2021 Mercedes S-Class
driving can be visually intensive and cannot be interrupted. In Vehicle UX © Strategy Analytics 2021 All Rights Reserved | 31 There are several UX observations of this system: • The driver can control or deactivate the RSE screens according to control hierarchy. This assumes that

Report | 20/05/2021 Chris Schreiner | Automotive

Rise of the Digital Plumber
services associated with Remote Self-monitoring and/or Control systems reached more than $1 billion in 2020 and will increase nearly three-fold to $2.9 billion by 2025. This report lays out the rationale for this forecast and provides examples of companies entering the market for Remote Self-monitoring and/or Control installation services. 2

Report | 07/06/2021 William Ablondi | Devices

Smart Home Market Update - May 2022
levelling off. DATA SOURCE: STRATEGY ANALYTICS 2022 DIY INTERACTIVE SECURITY FORECAST – MAY 2022 Copyright© Strategy Analytics, Inc. 16 Self-installed Systems Are A Driver of Growth in the US DATA SOURCE: STRATEGY ANALYTICS 2022 DIY INTERACTIVE SECURITY FORECAST – MAY 2022 Pro-installed, Pro-monitored to Remain Dominant …for Now Self-installed, Pro

Report | 23/05/2022 William Ablondi | Devices

Automotive LiDAR: Rounding Out the ADAS and Autonomous Driving Sensor Suite
solutions. A variety of sensors are used to provide environmental (including object detection and tracking) and localization perception inputs for advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and automated driving route planning and vehicle control. Typical sensors used for autonomous driving include ultrasonic, camera, RADAR and LiDAR. Exhibit 1.1

Report | 07/09/2021 Mark Fitzgerald | Automotive

Smart Home Market Update - July 2021
. Strategy Analytics’ forecasts the combination of installation services associated with Remote Self-monitoring and/or Control systems, and subscription services, will be a $1 billion market by 2025, at $330 million and $735 million, respectively. Selected Smart Home Trends in the US Advanced sensing technologies will power an evolution of smart home

Report | 20/07/2021 William Ablondi | Devices

Navigation & Location-Based Services 2022 – The Value Layer Conundrum
Analytics 2022 All Rights Reserved | 6 The ISA regulation provides four options for systems feedback to the driver, from which car manufacturers will be free to choose from: • Cascaded acoustic warning • Cascaded vibrating warning • Haptic feedback through the accelerator pedal • Speed control function The

Report | 06/12/2022 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

Over-the-Air Features – Fumbled Rollout, Promising Future
Remote Software Upgrade Source: BMW BMWs have had over-the-air update capability since 2018, and offer some after-sale functions as OTA updates. They include High Beam Assistant (€176), Active Cruise Control (ACC) driver assistance system with Stop & Go function, BMW Driver Recorder, BMW IconicSounds Sport, and Adaptive M Suspension. The

Report | 14/09/2020 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

Automotive Navigation and Location-Based Services
unit shipments. Over the 2022-2028 period, 5G is forecast to have a CAGR of 130 percent, starting from a modest 613,000 units in 2022 to 28.8 million units in 2028. The dual growth drivers of 5G are expanded network availability in developed markets, as well as V2X safety and communications enabled by the technology. Although the full

Report | 03/11/2021 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

An Introduction to Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) for IoT Communications
for patient care Geofencing accordant to the Li-Fi system, allowed advanced management of highly sensitive and personal data between different locations within the healthcare facility offering acute management of an individual user’s access to data. Geolocation services allowed enhanced operational efficiency by allowing further insight into

Report | 30/09/2020 Andrew Brown | IoT Ecosystem

Tier 1 Vendors Control High Resolution LiDAR's Destiny
module) Luminar DENSO Tier 1 Manufacture ON Semiconductor Lumentum Laser Diode (VCSEL) ON Semiconductor OSRAM Laser Diode ON Semiconductor Vertilite Laser Diode (VCSEL) OSRAM GaN Systems Laser Driver (GaN) Copyright © Strategy Analytics 2020 | 17 LiDAR Developer (or

Report | 17/11/2020 Kevin Mak | Automotive

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