Sue Rudd

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Sue Rudd is responsible for forecasting broadband network capacity, OPEX, CAPEX and service profitability for fixed and mobile service providers as prices, features and service bundles change and as broadband traffic explodes. She has consulted to multiple wireless operators and regulated Incumbent U.S. Telcos on business and regulatory cases.

Prior to joining Strategy Analytics, Sue worked for Comverse Technologies developing business cases for converged fixed and mobile IP services, mobile Multimedia Messaging, IP Centrex services and VoIP over 3G, as well as modeling mobile operator service growth in multiple countries.

Earlier as a strategic marketer for Motorola she coordinated wireless data and messaging services; directed projects for mobile network management and Intelligent Networking; and advised corporate management on service business investments and acquisitions.

Sue has also held multiple marketing and management positions at software and networking startups selling to Internet, Telecommunications and Mobile service providers.

She obtained BA and MA in Economics from University of Cambridge, England and an MBA in Operations Management from the Wharton School. She completed PhD coursework at MITs Sloan School.

Sue brings to Strategy Analytics a unique range of 20+ years experience across wireless, telephony and internet services.