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  • 6 GHz Band Key for the Sustainable Growth of the Wireless Industry

    by Guang Yang | 5月 17, 2022
    Diverse demands require a forward-looking spectrum allocation. The 8th Asia-Pacific Spectrum Management Conference was held on April 26th – 27th. The 6 GH... ...
  • Q1 '22: Transsion Lost Leadership in Africa Smartphone Market

    by Peng Peng | 5月 16, 2022
    Africa & Middle East is Transsion's major market, in which Transsion led the smartphone shipments from Q2 2021. However, the leadership was ended by Samsung... ...
  • Hail to the kings: a new power trio is ready to assume the reins in smart home camera and doorbell markets

    by Jack Narcotta | 5月 13, 2022
    In the next phases of the smart home surveillance camera and doorbell markets, it will be less about how sharp their hardware “eyes” are and more ab... ...
  • Samsung is The Undisputed Leader of Foldable Display Smartphones

    by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | 5月 12, 2022
    Samsung is the leading foldable display smartphone vendor globally. A lack of global players is slowing the foldable market’s growth. Huawei ... ...
  • Samsung leads in 7 of the top 15 handset markets in a difficult Q1 2022

    by David Kerr | 5月 12, 2022
    Global handset shipments declined significantly by -16% annually in Q1 2022, on volume of 391 million units. Geo-political tensions, supply issues in associated... ...
  • Samsung S22 is America's Top Model

    by Neil Mawston | 5月 10, 2022
    United States today remains the world’s 2nd largest smartphone market. Our new research finds Samsung Galaxy S22 is America’s no.1 bestselling... ...
  • Apple iPhone 13 Grabs 1 in 3 of US Phone Sales

    by Neil Mawston | 5月 10, 2022
    New research from SA (here) shows the Apple iPhone 13 range accounted for an impressive 1 in 3 of all smartphones shipped in the big US market during Q1 2022; ... ...
  • US Phone Sales by MODEL

    by Neil Mawston | 5月 10, 2022
    The United States remains the world's most influential smartphone market. It delivers high volume, revenue and profit to device makers, component suppliers and ... ...
  • Samsung Reclaims No.2 in 5G Phones

    by Neil Mawston | 5月 10, 2022
    New research from SA (here) shows Samsung has once again reclaimed its position as the world's 2nd largest 5G smartphone vendor. Samsung was no.1 worldwide in ... ...
  • China is World's No1 TWS Market

    by Neil Mawston | 5月 10, 2022
    New research from SA (here) shows China is now by far the world's largest market for TWS Bluetooth earbud shipments.

    China's TWS market is bigger than the US and India combined together.

    Chinese consumers like their music and they love local TWS brands, such as Xiaomi or OPPO, as well as Apple AirPods among premium buyers in city centers.

    A huge chunk of TWS sales occur online, at webstores such as JD or Alibaba.

    Prices are brutally competitive, with models available for as little as US$5 at places like Shein, shown in the image below.


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