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  • Ukraine Invasion Hits Yandex; Is China Next?

    by Roger Lanctot | 3月 10, 2022
    In the grand scheme of personal tragedy unfolding in Ukraine and, soon, across Europe in the wake of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the woes of ... ...
  • Your Data or Your Life

    by Roger Lanctot | 3月 10, 2022
    A Massachusetts Data Access Law for automobiles – overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2020 as an amendment to the State’s existing right-to-repair ... ...
  • NoTraffic at the Crossroads

    by Roger Lanctot | 3月 10, 2022
    The Federal Highway Administration in the U.S. tells us that “each year roughly one–quarter of all traffic fatalities and about one–half of al... ...
  • A15 Bionic and 5G Added to the Latest iPhone SE 2022

    by Boris Metodiev | 3月 09, 2022
    On March 8th, 2022, Apple unveiled the latest update of its entry-level smartphone lineup – iPhone SE (2022). The new device has practically the same body... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 80 - Teaching in the Metaverse with Dr. Gary Burnett

    by Chris Schreiner | 3月 09, 2022
    Diana and Lisa welcome back to the podcast Dr. Gary Burnett from the University of Nottingham. Gary started teaching graduate classes on the metaverse, and held... ...
  • RAN Automation as a Pivot of 5G Success

    by Guang Yang | 3月 08, 2022
    Since the first 5G commercial services were launched in 2019, global mobile operators have explored new services and business models, while also facing new dema... ...
  • Samsung Smartphones retain top spot in 8 CALA region Countries Q4 2021

    by David Kerr | 3月 04, 2022
    Smartphone shipments to the Central and Latin American (CALA) region represent 9% of the global total in Q4 2021.  Samsung was the market leader in all the... ...
  • Ukraine War Disruption to Automotive

    by Kevin Mak | 3月 04, 2022
    The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing a number of issues that will affect the automotive sector:   Further acceleration towards electrified vehicles ... ...
  • The Astounding Capabilities of Wi-Fi 7

    by Chris Taylor | 3月 04, 2022
    Even though the ink is barely dry on the IEEE’s 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 standard, MediaTek and Qualcomm have announced radio chips supporting Wi-Fi 7.  Thes... ...
  • TWS record strong growth in 2021

    by Ken Hyers | 3月 03, 2022
    TWS earbuds have become one of the most popular smartphone accessories. In 2021 the industry recorded continued strong growth.

    While Apple remains the market leader, its growth, at 2% annually, lagged far behind the overall industry which surged by 51% annually in 2021. 
    Samsung earbuds

    As the coronavirus ebbed in much of the world (in comparison to the prior year) and consumers got out more, TWS earbuds only became more useful.

    Clients of our Bluetooth Device Tracker service can learn more about the TWS market and which vendors led in which regions in the report here.

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