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  • Jio led the KaiOS Powered Devices Shipments for Q3 2021

    by Abhilash Kumar | 11月 10, 2021
    The global KaiOS feature phone shipments grew both annually 125% YoY and sequentially 181% QoQ in Q3 2021. The growth is due to increase in JioPhone shipments i... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 63 - Equitable Healthcare Design with Dr. Santosh Basapur

    by Chris Schreiner | 11月 09, 2021
    Friend of the podcast Dr. Santosh Basapur returns to discuss a new equitable health care design project he is heading up, which tackles the biggest problems in ... ...
  • Q3’21: Faster Geo-Diversification a Must for vivo?

    by Rajeev Nair | 11月 08, 2021
    vivo, grew its global smartphone shipments by 4% annually, in Q3 2021. It held a marketshare of 10% during the quarter. Our latest analysis on the world’s... ...
  • European Boost for HMD (Nokia) in Q3 2021

    by Boris Metodiev | 11月 08, 2021
    HMD (Nokia) global handset wholesale revenue went up +28% YoY, handset ASP increased +44% YoY, while operating margin hit its highest point ever for the company... ...
  • Xiaomi Back to Third Place in Global Smartphone Market in Q3 2021

    by Yiwen Wu | 11月 08, 2021
    Xiaomi’ global smartphone shipments fell -6% YoY in Q3 2021. Xiaomi yield its second position to Apple and ranked the third in global smartphone market by... ...
  • The Coming Challenge for High-kWh EVs – Home Charging Education and Expense

    by Edward Sanchez | 11月 05, 2021
    With Tesla stock’s stratospheric performance, Lucid’s IPO, and Rivian’s pending IPO, and the splashy unveiling of the Ford F-150 Lightning, aw... ...
  • Samsung Smartphone to Lead in 9 out of 15 Major Countries in Q3 2021

    by Woody Oh | 11月 05, 2021
    Samsung, the world's largest smartphone vendor by shipment volume in Q3 2021, captured top spot in 9 out of 15 major countries that we track, including the US, ... ...
  • TWS Revenues Growing with US and China Market Leading

    by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | 11月 04, 2021

    Even though the TWS market “began” with Apple AirPods, True Wireless Stereo headsets were actually not a new thing and vendors such as Onkyo, Bragi and Samsung were already offering TWS headsets before Apple introduced its AirPods. Apple can still be credited as the vendor that created the phenomenon of TWS headsets with the launch of AirPods.

    TWS headset wholesale ASPs are trending downwards as commoditization of technology, falling IPR costs, economies of scale and a rising number of TWS vendors put downward pressure on prices. This process in turn drives higher sales volumes as TWS headsets become more affordable to a greater number of consumers. 

    In 2021 global TWS wholesale ASPs will fall by -19% annually and by -11% in 2022, even as global TWS sales volumes will increase by 51% and 54% over the same period. Revenues will grow 54% in 2021 and 22% in 2022.

    United States (US) leads the revenue ranking in 2021 before China and Japan. US takes 30% of all TWS revenues and China takes 22%. United States alone is actually larger market than entire Western Europe by value. China market is currently on par with Western Europe but is estimated to surpass WE by value in 2022. 

    Clients of our Bluetooth Device Tracker service can learn more about Apple and other vendors Bluetooth device sales, ASPs and revenue here.


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