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Want to test out mobile tariffs? A solution is on its way

by Josie Sephton | 3月 14, 2013

For those interested in mobile pricing, and, more specifically, price benchmarking, you might be interested to learn that Teligen, the Pricing and Benchmarking division of Strategy Analytics has just released a short report detailing a system it is developing which will allow users to test new mobile voice and data tariffs, and compare them against existing tariffs in a given market.

Teligen's involvement in benchmarking and tariff tracking goes back some 30 years in the field, along with its involvement with the OECD to provide price benchmarking results based on OECD methodologies spanning over 16 years. With increasing developments being observed around approaches to mobile pricing, however, we have seen a need for operators to be able to explore how new tariffs might behave under both pre-defined and customised usage profiles, as well as how they might change as different criteria within a profile changes.

This has led to Teligen developing a new system, which will allow users to input a set of 'tester' or proposed tariffs to be compared with existing tariffs in a given market, and look at this in the context of a range of different outputs, to help shape these new tariffs. The underlying OECD methodology is used as a basis, but the system will allow users to easily manipulate inputs, around both target usage profile(s) and tariff details, and view a variety of outputs that are more tailored to the tariff analysis.

For example, a test tariff can be altered through quick and easy changes to prices and tariff parameters, and several test tariffs can be shown simultaneously. This is particularly useful, as it will show how sensitive a tariff is to changes in usage, where the key sensitivities lie and what this means for an operator in terms of revenues. Output can be shown for an individual scenario (for example, the revenue that a tariff will generate for a designated number of minutes, SMSs and MB of data), or alternatively, it will be possible to view the revenue profile of a given tariff in a 3D output, and see immediately, in a single graphic, how this will change as specific criteria change - such as the number of minutes or the number of SMSs.

The Mobile Price Analyser will be launched in the near future, but if you want some more information about what it will offer, we have a complimentary insight which is available for download, which provides a good overview.

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