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Mobile broadband multi-device plans - Movistar Spain and Mobistar Belgium join the growing club

by Josie Sephton | 7月 27, 2011

The June update of Teligen's mobile broadband benchmarking service, T-Wireless, is barely out of the door, and we are already seeing a lot of activity around new pricing plans, particularly multi-device plans that we have noted in the past as becoming more prevalent. Two that have caught our attention come from mobile providers Movistar in Spain, and Mobistar in Belgium.

In addition to several single device offers from Movistar, SOHO (Autonomos in Spanish) and corporate customers now have the option of connecting two or more devices under a single plan (as yet, the plans are not available to residential subscribers). Tarifa Internet Multidispositivo 25 provides a data allowance of 2 gigabytes, at 7.2 Mb/s for a smartphone and a second device (e.g. tablet, USB modem or other 3G device), for 25 Euros/month, excluding VAT (12.5 Euros for the first six months, under a current promotion running until the end of September). Two further 'Multidisposivitio' options, also covered by the promotion, give a greater monthly data allowance and higher speed - up to 42 Mb/s download - for a higher monthly fee.

Mobistar has gone a step further, and launched offers which allow users to connect more than two devices - a first for the Belgian market. Internet Everywhere Multi Relax gives users a monthly data allowance of 750 megabytes across a PC or tablet plus a smartphone at a cost of 15 Euros/month, under a 12 month subscription. If users sign up online, the allowance is doubled to 1.5 gigabytes, and they also get 3 months subscription free, plus a year's subscription on iPad to the newspaper, Le Soir. If two devices are not enough, however, additional devices can be connected under the same plan, and draw on the same data allowance for an additional 3 Euros/month/device. A second plan, Internet Everywhere Multi Max, is structured similar to Multi Relax, but offers a higher data allowance for a higher monthly fee - although the data allowance is not increased for users signing up online for this option. Both Mobistar plans are available to all residential and SOHO subscribers, irrespective of their current tariff plan.

Multi-device plans are clearly 'en vogue' at the moment, and quite rightly so, as users increasingly rely on more than one device as they go about their daily lives, but remain resistant to signing up for multiple data plans which quickly becomes very costly. We expect many more of these plans to surface going forwards, and we will be tracking them closely, both within T-Wireless and as part of our ongoing reporting.

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