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Telus Wireless, Bell Mobility Canada and DNA Finland offer cheapest Mobile Broadband for 5GB tablet plans

by David Kerr | 4月 18, 2017

Telus Wireless and Bell Mobility Canada offer the cheapest plans across the OECD countries within the 5GB basket at just over USD $4, followed by DNA Finland at $5.02.

There is a huge range from cheapest to most expensive in the 5GB tablet basket for mobile broadband with Mexico and the US at 18X and 15X more expensive respectively on a PPP basis with VAT included.


We note that the tariffs and ranking of service providers varies dramatically across the wide range of usage baskets tracked by Teligen. For example, if we select a smaller 1GB basket as defined by the OECD, we see DNA Finland as the cheapest plan followed by TMobile Poland and Sunrise in Switzerland. The mobile broadband tariffs in the smaller 1GB basket as defined by OECD also show a huge range with KDDI Japan and Movistar Chile being almost 8X more expensive than the cheapest plan among the 100+ plans tracked in this basket. 
OECD 1GB Tablet basket

Report Summary:

The Q1 2017 update of the OECD Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking service is now available for download. The service includes the official OECD mobile broadband baskets for both tablets and laptops, as well as the previously defined Teligen baskets. The system also includes a set of ‘Any device’ baskets, in addition to the OECD Tablet and Laptop specific ones.  As with all Teligen Price Benchmarking services, the OECD Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking system includes the capability to input customised user profiles.

The service currently covers 110 providers across 36 countries, and includes over 2,600 SIM-only, modem, laptop and tablet plans. SIM-only plans account for 38% of all plans in this update. 84% of all plans are 4G/LTE tariffs – with no significant change since the previous update. Almost 20% of all offerings include WiFi/Hotspot access.

Strategy Analytics Teligen team has been benchmarking mobile and fixed voice and data plans across OECD countries for more than 25 years. Alongside our Price Benchmarking team, our wireless operator strategies experts analyze adoption and key performance metrics across 260 operators representing more than 80 % of global subscriptions.

Strategy Analytics is the go to source for mobile and fixed voice and data price benchmarking and analysis. Don't hesitate to contact us if you wnat to know how your service provider and your plan rank across a range of use case scenarios.

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