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“Sponsored Mobile Data”….brought to you by AT&T

by Philip Kendall | 1月 06, 2014

AT&T Leads Mobile Data Pricing Evolution in 2014

  • AT&T Sponsored data opens the door to new revenue and opportunities for data sponsors and operators.

Strategy Analytics applauds AT&T for the launch of AT&T Sponsored Data, announced today at the 2014 AT&T Developer Summit co-located with CES. AT&T Sponsored Data enables businesses to sponsor and pay for the data charges associated with customers accessing specific content and applications over the mobile network, rather than having the data use come out of their mobile service plan. With this initiative, AT&T is testing the appetite of businesses for sponsoring data and taking the first step in driving innovation from a potentially new set of business customers.

Our Strategy Analytics Wireless Operator Strategies (WOS) and Wireless Media Strategies (WMS) services teamed up to analyze the potential impact of sponsored data and the AT&T announcement in a report, “Sponsored Data Big CES News for AT&T, Opens New Revenue Opportunity.” 

We note that a recent Strategy Analytics consumer survey shows 25% of mobile phone users age 16-24 say ad-sponsored video content is one of the top three things that would motivate them to watch more mobile video – a strong plug for the sponsored data model.

Ad-sponsored video among top 3 things that would drive more video use


Check out our report for more detail on the use cases and implications of sponsored data, and the AT&T press release

-          Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Wireless Operator Strategies

Nitesh Patel, Wireless Media Strategies

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