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Firemint, a quick profile of EA's acquisition

by Nitesh Patel | 5月 04, 2011

Consolidation is happening fast and furious in the mobile app/gaming world. As EA acquires Firemint, it is important to get a perspective on what exactly EA is buying - leveraging data from SA's AppTrax database. As one can see, Firemint has been very consistent week to week - over the last 17 weeks - in terms of average app rank and while few of the apps regularly trend in the top 20 (on average globally) they do frequently appear in the top 100.


Firemint seems to be most successful in emerging markets with apps in Central & Eastern Europe having the lowest average rank.


So, the acquisition of Firemint by EA should be heartening to other developers. You do not need to have a top 10 app in order to be an acquisition target. Instead, having a consistent performance and long term success will make a developer a worthy target.

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