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Press day at CES - Making Mobile Media more Attractive

by Nitesh Patel | 1月 04, 2011

CES 2011 is nearly upon us and the conference will unveil to the public innovations that will shape the year. So, as press day hits its stride it's evident that there are a few key themes in mobile media we can expect throughout the conference and 2011. One key phrase to sum up the events thus far; thinner, faster (both device and network), and bigger (Which is not a contradiction with the first adjective). 1. 4G. One of the buzzwords that will be discussed throughout the show and has been said more times today than zealots at a Steve Jobs keynote say ooh and aah. 4G is clearly the future and for a multimedia loving public the ability to stream and download content more quickly will impact their device usage. 2. Thin. Depending on when a handset manufacturer announced their newest flagship handset today they were briefly the "thinnest smartphone on the planet." Peruse a few press releases and this key phrase will unabashedly appear at the top. 3. Fast. The 1.2GHz Qualcomm SnapDragon processor (and its competitors) and dual core variants will begin making their way into handsets this year. For content consumption this will inevitably mean richer applications, more immersive games, and of course HD video consumption/recording/editing. 4. Cross Platform. Whether it be a TV, a tablet, or a car cross platform services are quickly becoming the rage. As OpenFeint discussed at the AT&T developer conference this morning the ability to compete with friends across platform is the future. Also at the AT&T event discussions were had about developing apps for U-Verse that work on various tablets and phones. For users hoping to better immerse themselves in their content, apps, and games this cross platform functionality will change how they view the ecosystem of products they buy and allow for the creation of very compelling apps unlike anything we've seen so far. 5. Bigger. Screen sizes are growing ever larger (Samsung has a 4.5" device coming) and compatibility with third party accessories such as PC docks and HDTVs will turn phones into a hub for media consumption unlike ever before. For users uninterested in consuming content on a 3.5" screen the new options will make media consumption much more compelling and should impact the growth of digital content distribution as well. This is just the beginning of course and if you're interested in hearing more you can follow Strategy Analytics analysts by tracking the hastag #SACES on Twitter or view our intermittent live stream from CES at .
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