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AR Contact Lenses: indistinguishable from magic?

by David MacQueen | 3月 09, 2020

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! It's 2020 and so far I haven't got my flying cars, but Mojo Vision's augmented reality contact lenses nearly make up for that. As Arthur C Clarke wrote, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" and this product comes about as close to magic as anything you're likely to see (through) in the near future.

The technological leaps here are quite astounding. A display the size of a grain of sand with over 7,000 pixels beaming data almost directly into your brain, powered by electricity literally flying through the air. Sounds like the stuff of science fiction that could be written today, yet it's here now - pending FDA approval of course. That isn't likely to come for another few years, perhaps giving the likes of Samsung or Microsoft the time to catch up.

For such a novel product category, not even available yet, there are as many questions as eyebrows raised. What price points can we expect? How scalable is the manufacturing process? What advantages will they have compared to "conventional" AR glasses? Who will be wearing them - soldiers and surgeons, or you and I?

Some answers, and some predictions, can be found in our latest report; Are Contact Lenses the Future of AR?
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