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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: Larger Cover Display Brings Improved Phone Experience

by User Not Found | 9月 10, 2020

On September 1st, 2020, Samsung announced its latest foldable device, the Galaxy Z Fold2.  The Fold2 is the third device with a foldable form factor from Samsung, following on from the Galaxy Z Flip and the original Galaxy Z Fold.

One of the major upgrades on the Fold2 over the original Fold is the size of the cover display.  The original Fold featured a 4.6-inch cover display.  This made it very difficult to use for anything other than viewing notifications and very basic tasks, such as making a phone call, or short replies to messages – even this was challenging at times though due to the very small keyboard.  As such, nearly all tasks needed to be undertaken with the device open, which was not very convenient, and, aside from the portability aspect, negated the main advantage of owning a smartphone/tablet hybrid device.

The Fold2 features a large 6.2-inch cover display, which takes up almost the full cover of the device.  The larger display should allow users to accomplish many more tasks, such as quick web browsing, checking social media, and reading and replying to messages without having to open up the Fold2.  This makes the Fold2 much more versatile, allowing the user to choose whether to use the device open or closed depending on the task and situation.

Cover display of Fold and Fold2

The Fold2 can be propped open now thanks to Flex Mode.  This means that the device can be set to an angle from 75 to 115 degrees, and will remain in that position without the need for a stand.  The user can then view content on either the cover or half of the main display comfortably.  This could be especially beneficial for watching video content and also for video calls.  When viewing on the main display, the other half is also accessible for other features.

Flex Mode with Video on the Cover Display

Previous research from Strategy Analytics has identified that there is a strong desire for foldable phones, which only strengthens after using one.  However, the Fold2 remains an ultra-premium device, and price will need to drop considerably before it will be considered by most smartphone buyers.

- Paul Brown

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