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Samsung’s BD/HD-DVD player

by User Not Found | 4月 17, 2007

Samsung has joined its Korean rival LG in announcing a dual-format high-def disc player. Dongsoo Jun, executive vp of the Digital AV Division at Samsung Electronics, is quoted as saying: "Our main concern is not technology but consumer choice. Consumers are hungry for more HD content but are currently confused about competing formats." I'm sure a few consumers may be "confused" but I suspect the vast majority are still completely ignorant, in the nicest possible way, of any video format that isn't plain old DVD. And those that have the faintest inkling that a DVD successor may be around the corner have either not bothered checking it out yet, or have taken fright at the player prices and made a mental note to come back next year. I'm just not convinced that many of today's DVD owners are saying "this format war thing looks pretty nasty, I'll hold on spending $500 on a new machine until peace breaks out." As I noted recently, player prices are set to tumble. We take the view that Blu-ray is a sure-fire winner in this "war", as we noted in our recent report: "There is overwhelming evidence that Blu-ray will win the race to replace DVD. We can see very little prospect for HD-DVD surviving as a high definition video publishing format." Samsung and LG will continue to offer their dual-format players, but history will likely view them as oddities.
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