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Leaving CES

by User Not Found | 1月 11, 2007

Some final thoughts on the Show as we head back to the UK.

I covered the LG dual-format BD/HD-DVD launch, and this got a lot of general press attention. The reality on the ground is that it will have little impact on the market situation. The major content providers remain firmly behind BD, PS3 is picking up speed, and BD disc sales are beginning to enter the DVD radar. Toshiba is left holding the HD-DVD baby, and is likely to be little more than a minor player in the next-gen market by this time next year.

Earlier I pointed out how tough it is to keep raising the video quality benchmark year after year. I spent some time with Silicon Image, the company behind the HDMI digital connectivity standard, and their demonstrations suggest there is still much room for progress. Next steps for displays are 10-bit colour, and in the long term 3D is likely to be realistic. OK, I know, we've been hearing that since the first CES 40 years ago, but it's one of those things whose time will inevitably come. I just hope I live to see it.
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