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  • Leaving CES

    by User Not Found | 1月 11, 2007
    Some final thoughts on the Show as we head back to the UK.I covered the LG dual-format BD/HD-DVD launch, and this got a lot of general press attention. The real... ...
  • CES: Internet TV

    by User Not Found | 1月 10, 2007
    A dominant theme at CES is what I call Internet TV (as opposed to IPTV, which tends to refer to managed, operator-delivered services). Microsoft have confirmed ... ...
  • CES continued: Slideshow, Hitachi, SlingMedia

    by User Not Found | 1月 09, 2007
    Vista is a big part of the show of course. One interesting aspect of the new OS is the Sideshow feature. This extends selected capabilities of the PC to a varie... ...
  • Digital Experience

    by User Not Found | 1月 08, 2007
    Some bits and pieces from today's press conferences and tonight's excellent Digital Experience press event (I should point out that Strategy Analytics clients w... ...
  • Early CES highlights

    by User Not Found | 1月 07, 2007
    A few tasters from tonight's media preview:3D headsets from TDVision: take any video content processed on a PC and transform them into a 3D image using a dual-i... ...
  • CE sales boom is ending

    by User Not Found | 1月 06, 2007
    I just returned from the CEA's overview of the state of the CE industry, and their forecasts for 2007 confirm our own views - that sales growth will decline sig... ...
  • Digital media sharing

    by User Not Found | 1月 03, 2007
    I won't often post just to publicise our research, but I thought this was useful in view of the many announcements at CES likely to focus on media sharing. We j... ...
  • This week’s lucky number

    by User Not Found | 1月 03, 2007
    2 million seems to be everybody's favourite statistic this week. Sky announced 2 million Sky+ installations in the UK, and Microsoft was reported as having sold... ...
  • Nokia’s N73 to the rescue

    by User Not Found | 12月 30, 2006
    A brief tale to illustrate how a single event can demonstrate the power of the mobile Internet. My family and I were queuing for tickets at the London Eye. The ... ...
  • Sky Plus

    by User Not Found | 12月 29, 2006
    The BBC's primetime consumer rights programme, Watchdog, has been featuring BSkyB's digital TV PVR service, Sky+, in recent weeks. According to the presenters t... ...
  • CES - first thoughts

    by User Not Found | 12月 22, 2006
    The world's biggest consumer technology show kicks off again in Las Vegas January 8th, although I'll be there from the 6th for the press build-up. I guess it's ... ...
  • Pricing and the PS3

    by User Not Found | 12月 21, 2006
    One thing people continually fail to predict accurately is pricing. I have included myself in this in the past and we strive harder to improve. So much analysi... ...
  • Kicking off this blog

    by User Not Found | 12月 21, 2006
    This blog will offer a personal perspective on developments that are changing how consumers access and use digital media and devices and how companies are maxim... ...
  • Internet TV

    by User Not Found | 12月 21, 2006
    So I thought I’d start out with a few personal perspectives, bugbears and gripes to kick things off. That way you’ll get to know me a little more personally, an... ...

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