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  • SiBeam video camera

    by User Not Found | 1月 06, 2008
  • WirelessHD: first demo at CES

    by User Not Found | 1月 06, 2008
    Strategy Analytics surveyed various emerging wireless video connectivity technologies early in 2007. We concluded at the time that a winning standard was unlike... ...
  • Game Over for HD-DVD as Warner Sides With Blu-Ray

    by User Not Found | 1月 05, 2008
    On the plane back from last year's CES (Jan 07) I was chatting with a technology journalist who was drooling over the prospect of writing endless articles on th... ...
  • Xbox Live problems highlight business model challenges

    by User Not Found | 1月 02, 2008
    There have been widespread reports over the holiday period of problems with Microsoft's Xbox Live service, and Larry Hryb, Director of Programming, has confirme... ...
  • Pace and Philips: Partnering for Retail Success

    by User Not Found | 12月 20, 2007
    Pace's agreement to acquire Philips' set-top box business seems to make sense for both parties. Pace acquires significant market share, and particularly in the ... ...
  • After Sony’s exit, can lasers save projection TV?

    by User Not Found | 12月 19, 2007
    Sony in the US has confirmed that it will stop selling rear projection TVs (RPTV) based on LCoS and LCD technology once its current inventory is exhausted. Give... ...
  • C-Scape Wrap

    by User Not Found | 12月 13, 2007
    One of Cisco's execs summed it up nicely today when he said John Chambers is extremely careful in treading the fine line between serving media companies and ser... ...
  • Cisco’s business relationship challenge

    by User Not Found | 12月 12, 2007
    Well, after day one at C-Scape I'm not much the wiser. The consumer tech vision is clear, but then it's not new either. What surprises me is that no Cisco exec ... ...
  • Cisco commits to $20bn consumer target

    by User Not Found | 12月 11, 2007
    At Cisco's C-Scape event today John Chambers confirmed the company's plan to become a $10-20bn player in the consumer electronics market. Cisco has made a numbe... ...
  • Why Google should avoid set-top boxes

    by User Not Found | 11月 22, 2007
    Or at least, boxes that are provided, ie "managed" by traditional TV companies like cable, satellite and IPTV service providers. The rumours are rife that Googl... ...
  • Blu-ray outselling HD DVD 4-1 says Sony

    by User Not Found | 11月 15, 2007
    Just to follow up on the HD DVD Group's release of European "sales" figures, Sony uk's David Walstra, according to CE Daily, claims that BD discs are now outsel... ...
  • HD-DVD group touts PS3 success

    by User Not Found | 11月 14, 2007
    (This is an updated entry to correct a previous error and incorporate response from HD DVD Group) The hi-def disc battle gets nastier by the day. Europe's HD DV... ...
  • BT Vision - Revenues the main concern

    by User Not Found | 11月 12, 2007
    Most of the commentary on BT's announcement of its second quarter results focused on its BT Vision numbers - 60,000 customers - and whether this was below or on... ...
  • Sky Anytime’s early success, but not for channels

    by User Not Found | 11月 12, 2007
    One way of keeping people away from the video on their PC screens is to give them better television through their set-top boxes. Sky is one of the first broadc... ...
  • TV Industry Gets to Grips with Online Video

    by User Not Found | 11月 12, 2007
    When I presented to a conference of TV advertising people in Berlin three years ago, my suggestion that broadband users would be turning away from television wa... ...
  • Sony adds Placeshifting to PS3

    by User Not Found | 11月 07, 2007
    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced the latest version of its PS3 system software to allow access by PSPs to the PS3 hard drive from remote locations o... ...
  • Devicescape eases WiFi pain

    by User Not Found | 11月 01, 2007
    I am sure we all have our own favourite hotspot horror stories. One of my more recent experiences, about which I penned but never published several angry paragr... ...
  • November’s arrived - so CES is nearly here

    by User Not Found | 11月 01, 2007
    I am bad at remembering names, so apologies to the nameless 80-year-old comedian whose joke I certainly do remember: after a long and illustrious career, he obs... ...
  • Global DVR population reaches 50 million

    by User Not Found | 10月 17, 2007
    One of the many nuggets offered by our latest survey digital home device markets is that more than 50 million TV homes around the world will be using a digital ... ...
  • Sweden completes TV switch-off as UK begins

    by User Not Found | 10月 17, 2007
    As one country finishes its analogue switch-off, another begins. On Monday morning at 8.45am Sweden’s Culture Minister, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, switched off th... ...

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