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  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: Larger Cover Display Brings Improved Phone Experience

    by Paul Brown | 9月 10, 2020
    On September 1st, 2020, Samsung announced its latest foldable device, the Galaxy Z Fold2.  The Fold2 is the third device with a foldable form factor from S... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 7 - V2X UX

    by Chris Schreiner | 9月 08, 2020
    Thank you to everyone who has been listening to UX Soup thus far. We are happy to announce that due to your overwhelming support, UX Soup is now a WEEKLY podcas... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 6 - Haptics

    by Chris Schreiner | 9月 01, 2020
    In this episode, Chris, Derek, and Lisa discuss the state of haptic HMI in smartphones, cars, and elsewhere - including silk shirts and fish scales. In Condense... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 5 - Healthcare UX

    by Chris Schreiner | 8月 18, 2020
    On this week's episode of UX Soup, Chris talks with Santosh Basapur from Rush University Medical Center about the state of healthcare UX and conducting medical ... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 4 - Self Driving Cars

    by Chris Schreiner | 8月 04, 2020
    Derek, Chris, and Lisa play a stream-of-consciousness game about automated vehicles where Derek provides his unfettered opinions on Tesla, public beta-testing, ... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 3 - The Pandemic Part Two

    by Chris Schreiner | 7月 21, 2020
    In Episode 3 of UX Soup, Chris interviews Kevin Nolan (Vice President of UXIP at Strategy Analytics) to discuss the impact of the pandemic on consumer behavior.... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 2 - The Pandemic

    by Chris Schreiner | 7月 07, 2020
    In Episode 2 of UXIP's podcast, Chris, Derek, and Lisa discuss their latest research on the UX impacts of COVID-19 on the elderly, on mobility patterns, and on ... ...
  • Samsung Beats Apple To The Punch In The UK With Samsung Pay Card

    by Nitesh Patel | 6月 26, 2020
    On 24th June 2020 Samsung announced a partnership between Samsung Pay, digital bank platform Curve and Mastercard to launch Samsung Pay Card. Samsung Pay C... ...
  • UXIP Launches Podcast: UX Soup

    by Chris Schreiner | 6月 25, 2020
    The UX Innovation Practice at Strategy Analytics has launched UX Soup: a short form bi-weekly podcast where Chris Schreiner, Derek Viita, and Lisa Cooper discus... ...
  • COVID-19: The Fate of the Fearless

    by Roger Lanctot | 6月 09, 2020
    As I listened to Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein interview Scott Corwin, managing partner and "Future of Mobility" practice leader at Deloitte Consulting,... ...
  • Facemasks Impede Smartphone Biometrics

    by Paul Brown | 5月 14, 2020
    The recent COVID-19 pandemic has seen many places mandate the wearing of face masks in an attempt to help prevent spreading disease. One way this can have an im... ...
  • Huawei ‘Brings New Value’ through 5G Innovation

    by Kevin Nolan | 2月 20, 2020
    Strategy Analytics attended the Huawei Product and Solutions Launch Event in London in February 2020.  The theme of the event was “5G, Bring New Valu... ...
  • Epic Games Asks Game Publishers To Abandon Their Loot

    by Nitesh Patel | 2月 14, 2020
    Epic Games co-founder, Tim Sweeney, used his keynote speech at Dice Summit, held in Las Vegas, to call an end to “loot boxes” in video games.... ...
  • Orange Bank – Should Other Telcos Follow Orange’s Lead?

    by Nitesh Patel | 1月 27, 2020
                                         At an analyst and media even... ...
  • Vodafone Exits Facebook’s Libra Alliance

    by Nitesh Patel | 1月 22, 2020
    Vodafone is the latest high-profile member to withdraw from the Libra Alliance, following PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, Mercado Pago eBay, and others, which... ...
  • CES 2020: Global Service Provider Key Focus Areas

    by Philip Kendall | 1月 14, 2020
    Overall at CES 2020, buzz and announcements around smart home and mobility (automotive tech) stood out, as did 8k TVs and flexible displays, as can be expected ... ...
  • Does Quibi’s Business Model Miss Its Target Audience?

    by Nitesh Patel | 1月 09, 2020
    Yesterday, at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, further details about, Quibi, a premium short-from, smartphone video service, were unveiled by its founder, Jeffery Katzenb... ...

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