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  • Scale & Fear Drive $19 B WhatsApp Acquisition

    by Nitesh Patel | 2月 20, 2014
    Hot on the heels of Rakuten’s acquisition of Viber last week consolidation in the OTT communications space continued, with the world’s largest socia... ...
  • Comcast to Acquire Time Warner Cable for $45B

    by User Not Found | 2月 13, 2014
    Comcast has announced its plan to acquire Time Warner Cable in a deal valued at $45 billion. The largest US cable operator will take over the second largest cab... ...
  • BT’s Buy To Keep Movies: Multiscreen Digital Downloads To Follow, But Are They Really Forever?

    by User Not Found | 2月 07, 2014
    Summary: Our analysis suggests BT already has plans to extend its new pay-to-own movie service to digital downloads to portable devices, and that the promise of... ...
  • Good Morning, America! Shall WeChat?

    by User Not Found | 1月 28, 2014
    In its Top 10 Wireless Media & Apps Predictions for 2014, Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Media Strategies included one on “WhatsApp overtaken by A... ...
  • Space Ape Games Got Its Swrve On and the Results Are In

    by Nitesh Patel | 1月 24, 2014
    Retention was the party theme for the young studio. Space Ape Games is one of the newest up and coming mobile gaming studios. The U.K. based mobile gaming studi... ...
  • Dr. Dre, family man

    by David MacQueen | 1月 21, 2014
    Today AT&T launched its smartphone family plan bundled with music for the entire family. The partner was Beats Music, the streaming music service set up par... ...
  • SoftBank Seeks Global Domination of Mobile Gaming Through Another Investment

    by Nitesh Patel | 1月 14, 2014
    Ever wonder how much capital 300 million Android users in China could raise $120 million, according to SoftBank and other investors. Due to the limited accessib... ...
  • CES 2014: Do Curved OLEDs Distort the Picture?

    by User Not Found | 1月 13, 2014
    Amongst the many TV-related themes at CES 2014 was the widespread entry of curved TV screens. Widespread, at least, in the sense that most major TV vendors were... ...
  • Day three in the Big Brother hous...I mean CES: WWE going way way over the top, Vevo Las Vegas

    by User Not Found | 1月 09, 2014
    Day three saw unchanged weather and dire traffic as the show headed past half time and the key messages started to be digested by attendees. Clearly the headlin... ...
  • CES day two: Cloudy with a Touch of PlayStation, Conviva Rules Online Video Delivery

    by User Not Found | 1月 08, 2014
    Day two of the Consumer Electronics Show, weather has remained fine and amenable to the conference grind. Traffic has worsened though the transportation backlog... ...
  • CES 2014: 56% of US consumers would buy UHD TV in next two years

    by User Not Found | 1月 08, 2014
    Hot off the press Strategy Analytics' new ConsumerMetrix survey carried out over the past few weeks with 2024 US consumers found very strong interest in UHD TV.... ...
  • CES 2014: A Primordial Soup of Connectivity As the IoE Era Begins

    by User Not Found | 1月 08, 2014
    New terms often emerge in order to encapsulate hot new technology trends which are less than clearly defined in the specifics or the implications. One... ...
  • CES day one: TV to tablet and smartphone ads, 4K content timing and Steam Boxes

    by User Not Found | 1月 07, 2014
    Strategy Analytics Digital Media Analysts were in attendance at CES in Nevada, our thoughts following day one at the show follow:A cool but sunny day, good for ... ...
  • CES 2014: TV trends so far

    by User Not Found | 1月 06, 2014
    One day in at CES and the key trends in TVs for 2014 are beginning to emerge. 4k was the expected one, and LG did not disappoint, announcing that they would off... ...
  • Reset the Trip-ometer: EA Founder Set to Take On Another Adventure

    by Nitesh Patel | 1月 03, 2014
    2014 the year for top grossing education apps? It is an indisputable fact that Trip Hawkins stamped his name firmly as one of the most forward thinking individu... ...
  • Anecdotes on Samsung and Apple: It’s Lightest Before Dusk

    by User Not Found | 12月 24, 2013
    If you want the definitive Strategy Analytics predictions on tablet and smartphone futures you should of course examine the forecasts from our respective indust... ...
  • Forecast:Hollywood – Debating TV’s Future and TV’s 7 Billion Screens

    by User Not Found | 12月 12, 2013
    I was pleased to take part in yesterday’s Forecast:Hollywood event in Beverly Hills, focusing on the outlook for multiscreen and OTT video and TV. The eve... ...
  • Nokia’s “MixRadio” Ups Its Game To Mix It Up With The Best

    by User Not Found | 11月 25, 2013
    Nokia unveiled its updated MixRadio on November 21, followed by a launch event in New York, which was live streamed on Facebook. The event was jointly hosted by... ...
  • Move over Self-Help Manuals, Self Help Wearables Have Arrived

    by Nitesh Patel | 11月 18, 2013

    Zepp’s 3D motion sensor wants to capture your data and help you train

    Health & fitness and sports go hand in hand with each other. They are also linked together in the wearable device ecosystem with the newest devices, only this instance the device attaches to sporting equipment and not the user.

    Vendors such as Zepp and SensoGlove are putting sports analysis technology into the hands of the consumer or amateur sportsperson, with the ultimate aim of improving the ability of the consumer at their chosen sport.

    Zepp has designed a 1”, virtually weightless, wearable device that attaches to the end of a bat (or club or tennis racket). Zepp Sport’s Platform is home to the three mobile apps that go with each sport – Zepp Baseball, Zepp Tennis, and Zepp Golf. (Zepp also offers the Golf Sense app which is similar to the Zepp Golf app) These apps capture and analyze the swing while the consumer plays the sport and transmits the data via Bluetooth connectivity to an iOS or Android device. The apps capture a number of metrics including bat speed, swing plane, hitting zone, and impact angle.

    The SensoGlove is a glove worn by the golfer that measures grip pressure, with the results being displayed on an LCD attached to the glove. The measurements allow the golfer to see their grip pressure at different parts of the swing, and strive for more even pressure and therefore more consistent swing.

    Such analysis tools were once the domain of professional sports and sports science. However they represent a new dimension to wearable devices, which have for some time been a happy home for fitness tracking and monitoring devices such as Nike’s FuelBand and Fuelband SE

    Strategy Analytics believes this is a new string to the bow of wearable devices in that they are not just recording and monitoring, or alerting the user to specific events on the companion smartphone; they are helping the user to improve at a given discipline.

    Zepp’s baseball, golf, and tennis devices are each priced at $149, and the SensoGlove starts at $89. However with golf clubs easily reaching into the $ thousands, and hundreds of hours devoted to sports, that surely is a price many would happily pay.

    Such devices are part of the Fitness Monitoring and Tracking category, which is one of four key categories making up the Wearable Devices market, as tracked by Strategy Analytics Wearable Device Ecosystems service and the apps are being tracked by AEO – Application Ecosystem Opportunities.

    The wearable device market is still in the early stages and as the market begins to mature it is inevitable that more and more twists on fitness and sports devices are going begin to crop up. Perhaps the next stage in monitoring progress will be device inside a ball, like a football to measure spin rotation after a throw or a soccer ball that measures curve and power of a shot.


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