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  • The Next App Ecosystem: Is it finally time for this device to shine?

    by Nitesh Patel | 7月 06, 2015
    July Apps Pulse

    One of the first conversations I had when I started my career as a tech analyst focused on interactive television (of course it was about ordering pizza from your TV because that's how all those conversations went back then). That was in 2003 and interactive TV was already well-trodden ground. Now, more than a decade hence the mobile phone, the tablet and even wearables have been propelled to success on the back of interactive software which we now colloquially refer to as apps.

    But the long standing courtship between TV and apps never really ended. Some companies have made efforts to bring apps to TV but they never really had the same success as other devices which were driven by their app ecosystems. In fact, nary a day passes that rumors persist across all forms of social media from pundits with 'inside knowledge' that a true TV app ecosystem is on the verge of reality. But now it may finally be true as the innovators in apps begin to turn their focus to the TV apps - Apple, Google and Amazon.

    TV apps are just one of the topics covered in this month's Strategy Analytics Apps Pulse which seeks to highlight important trends from the most well known to the most overlooked news to analyze where the market is heading and how it will impact companies. So, how could a robust app ecosystem on TVs impact the market?

    • Secondary ecosystem continue to suffer. The Apple Watch, new features in iOS9 and Android M and Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service becoming reality will all demand more from companies. Supporting applications are not simply creating an iPhone app anymore. Now companies will need to support an ever growing ecosystem and these constrained resources will grow ever more scarce as ecosystem expansion continues. Finding time to support secondary endeavors will be challenging for companies large and small that grapple with a need to be present on new devices weighed against the actual value offered by those devices.
    • New era of app interfacing. The lean back television viewing method will demand that companies not simply replicate the experiences available on mobile and transfer them to TV. Instead, the TV will require an entire strategic re-think. This investment in R&D will further strain support for other ecosystems but could create a paradigm where the interface tools – such as Apple’s rumored Force Touch sensitive remote – could be differentiators in a market desperate for unique value propositions.

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