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Apple’s iPad Preaches to the Converted

by User Not Found | 8月 23, 2010

It’s no surprise that a majority of early iPad buyers had already bought into the Apple ecosystem, but the fact that fully 90% of people who say they will buy an iPad during the next 12 months already own an Apple device is perhaps surprising. It might have been reasonable to assume that the novelty of the tablet form factor would open up a whole new wave of potential customers attracted by its innovative design, regardless of how familiar they were with the benefits of Apple’s user interface and design. It seems, however, that in the early days at least demand for the iPad will be met almost entirely by existing Apple owners. Our survey of 2000 US consumers also suggests that a third or more of existing iPhone and Macbook owners have already gained access to an iPad (at least they say they have used one at home). And nearly a half of the early iPad adopters say they are somewhat or very likely to buy another iPad during the coming year – an indication of strong customer satisfaction if ever there was one. So how should Apple respond to this news? On the one hand the company should relax in the knowledge that so many of its core and loyal customers are saving up to buy the company’s latest device. On the other hand, there may be just the slightest concern that the iPad has so far failed to win new hearts and minds amongst the half of US homes which do not already own at least one Apple product. That may change as the tablet category becomes more widely recognised. New entrants will shortly be flooding the market with iPad alternatives which will help raise general awareness of this new category. As Apple struggles to meet demand from its existing customers, the opportunity is there for competitors to target the remaining market segments with iPad alternatives. Client Reading: Apple's iPad: Identifying Early Adopters and Intentions to Buy Meet Our Analysts: 3DTV Analyst Forum at IBC 2010 Add to Technorati Favorites
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