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Wireless Operators - Take Note of Mobile Apps with Lower Penetration Levels

by User Not Found | 2月 02, 2018

Smartphone use continues to grow quarter-over-quarter, both in monthly minutes and data use. One lesser known but significant input variable that AppOptix incorporates into its analysis, which impacts data use is app penetration rate (the number of installations of an app on the AppOptix panel).

While some apps may have a low penetration rate (less than 10%), their monthly data use (MB) is high. Note in the figure below examples such Reddit is fun, Twitch, Hulu, and Tumblr, all of which have penetration rates of approx. 10% or lower, but pull significant volumes of data. Particularly noteworthy are gaming apps, which in most instances experience low penetration levels, but account for high data use (e.g., Tank Collider Wars and Cubic Highway).

This data analysis points to a key outcome or action, that is, wireless operators should track and be vigilant of apps with lower penetration levels and remain alert for consumer adoption spikes. Because apps frequently and continually morph with added functionality, consumer use of an app may rise swiftly if they engage and take a liking to new features, resulting in data surges. 

Apps Using Most Data Q4 2017

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