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Apple to Revolutionize VR in 2022?

by Neil Mawston | 1月 22, 2021

Rumors surfaced again this week that Apple is planning a portable virtual reality headset and a pair of mobile augmented reality smartglasses for commercial launch in the US and worldwide during 2022 or 2023.

The VR headset is claimed to be a premium model, standalone like Oculus, with a hand-tracker, made from lightweight fabric (not metal) and a cooling fan, optimized for longer periods of perching on the head, eyes or ears.

Let's call it the "iVR".

Hollywood movies, video, gaming, etc. are likely to be the killer apps.

Rich, young-at-heart consumers are sure to be the target segment. There may even be an office or factory play.

Apple Store or website will be the primary retail channel.

This is all fairly predictable, of course. No surprises.

But competitors will still be worried. Apple can leverage its legendary user-experience, make VR an acceptable in-home activity, and spark a rush to new devices and apps.

A VR revolution could be right around the corner.

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