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  • Apple Watch 7 Forecast

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 06, 2021
    Apple Watch Series 7 launches in stores next week, on Friday 15th October, 2021. It is the biggest wearables event of the year. How many units will Apple sell... ...
  • Smartwatch Pricing Forecasts for 88 Countries

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 06, 2021
    Global smartwatch revenues will rise +18% in 2021, cementing the rebound after Covid. Unit volumes will rise, but prices are dipping. Our new report -- publis... ...
  • Fitnessband Revenues Slide 22% in H1 2021

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 06, 2021
    Recent research from our Wearables Tracker shows global fitnessband revenues fell a hefty -22% YoY during the first half of 2021. Rising competition from fitne... ...
  • Facebook Stories Poll Results

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 17, 2021
    We posted this week a brief, informal survey among our contacts on LinkedIn. We asked whether the new Facebook Ray-Ban Stories smartglasses, on sale now f... ...
  • Apple Watch 7 Goes Green

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 14, 2021
    Apple Watch Series 7 launched worldwide today and carries a 20% bigger display and more recycled metals than ever before. This greener marketing will appeal to ... ...
  • Xiaomi Smart Glasses Concept

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 14, 2021
    Interesting to see Xiaomi today unveil its new Smart Glasses concept. Billed as "an engineer's look into an advanced future", the spec... ...
  • Facebook Stories Smartglasses

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 10, 2021
    Facebook and Luxottica this week teamed up to launch Ray-Ban Stories. A pair of camera glasses that will sell for US$300 to young-at-heart social media fans wh... ...
  • Wearable Share Forecasts by OEM

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 09, 2021
    We predict global wearable shipments will grow a healthy +17% in 2022. Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi will remain among the market leaders next year. They have good... ...
  • Amazfit is World's No.4 Wearables Vendor

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 02, 2021
    New research from our Wearables Tracker shows Amazfit, of China, became the world's 4th largest wearables brand for the first time ever in Q2 2021. It broke int... ...
  • Smartwatch 4G Penetration Rates

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 02, 2021
    Global cellular smartwatch shipments jumped a healthy +44% YoY in the second quarter of 2021. Growth has finally returned to pre-Covid levels. Cellular 4G smar... ...
  • Smartwatches Soar 47% in Q2 2021

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 27, 2021
    New research from our Wearables Tracker shows global smartwatch shipments soared 47 percent annually to reach 18 million units in the second quarter of 202... ...
  • Facebook Steps to the Metaverse

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 19, 2021
    Facebook has been saying for some time it wants to turn into a "metaverse company". Essentially, this means a shift from today's "flat" 2D Internet to tomorrow... ...
  • Apple Watch Sales by Model

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 19, 2021
    The first half of 2021 was good to Apple Watch. It hit record shipments and revenue. Series 6 Bluetooth (non-cellular) is Apple's no.1 Watch and by far the wor... ...
  • Samsung Holistic Health Apps Impress

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 12, 2021
    Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 and Classic smartwatches -- launched worldwide this week -- bring to the table an updated version of Google Wear OS 3 and a r... ...
  • Smartring Survey Results

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 02, 2021
    We conducted this week an informal survey of dozens of global tech influencers on LinkedIn. We asked if they would ever wear a smartring on their fin... ...
  • What is the Future for Smartrings?

    by Neil Mawston | 7月 26, 2021
    Smartrings are a niche wearable so far. But there are signs of renewed interest, from Oura and others. Sometimes worn by royalty, like Prince Harry. What is the... ...
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

    by Neil Mawston | 7月 16, 2021
    The Internet is reporting this week that details of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 have (again) been leaked, this time in Canada. Officially not due until Augu... ...
  • VR Headset Forecast

    by Neil Mawston | 7月 16, 2021
    New research from our Wearables service predicts the untethered VR headset market will be worth several billion dollars worldwide ... ...
  • Fitnessband Sales Set to Shrink

    by Neil Mawston | 7月 16, 2021
    New research from our Wearables service predicts global fitnessband sales grew +2% in 2020, but they will dip -2% in 2021. Demand for Fitbit, Xiaomi Mi Band an... ...
  • Facebook Smartwatch Rumors Grow

    by Neil Mawston | 6月 10, 2021
    The drumbeat of rumors for a Facebook smartwatch continues to get louder... New reports this week speculate it will be an Apple Watch rival, for summer 2022, a... ...

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