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  • Garmin Updates Wearables at IFA

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 02, 2022
    We note Garmin this week introduced two new wearables at the IFA 2022 tradeshow in Berlin, Germany. First up is the mid-high-tier Venu Sq 2 smartwatch, wh... ...
  • 4G Smartwatches Continue to Grow

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 02, 2022
    Global cellular smartwatch shipments rose +6% YoY in the second quarter of 2022, outperforming the overall smartwatch industry as cellular penetration cont... ...
  • Fitnessband Decline Accelerates

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 02, 2022
    Global fitnessband shipments have been in freefall for the past year. And it's getting worse. Those low-cost fitness trackers that you wrap around your wrist t... ...
  • Smartwatch Specs under Discussion

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 19, 2022
    Interesting to see the wearables community challenging recently the official measurement and definition of specs for multiple smartwatch and fitness d... ...
  • Pixel Watch to Use Google Fi?

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 19, 2022
    Google announced its Pixel smartwatch back in May 2022. Recent Internet chatter now suggests the new watch, due in Sep-Oct, will soon support Google Fi&nbs... ...
  • VR to Reach 1% of World Population by 2027

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 19, 2022
    SA forecasts the untethered VR headset market to build an active installed base of  32 million units worldwide by 2027. This... ...
  • Qualcomm Gets Serious about Wearables

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 05, 2022
    Qualcomm, a chipset vendor, is making a fresh drive into smartwatches with its new and improved Snapdragon W5 platform. The W5 component range is smaller, ... ...
  • Apple Watch 7 is World's No.1 Smartwatch Model

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 05, 2022
    New research from our Wearables (WDE) tracker shows Apple Watch Series 7 was the world's no.1 bestselling smartwatch model in the ... ...
  • Smartwatch Revenues Grow... but Prices Will Decline

    by Juha Winter | 8月 04, 2022
    We expect global smartwatch revenues to grow +20% in 2022, rebounding after the Covid slowdown in 2020, but moderated by nagging inflation a... ...
  • Smartglasses in India

    by Neil Mawston | 6月 10, 2022
    India has potential to be one of the biggest smartglasses markets in the world. There are millions of affluent consumers, a tech-savvy culture, a... ...
  • WatchOS 9 is a Health Powerhouse

    by Neil Mawston | 6月 10, 2022
    Apple’s new watchOS 9 platform -- released this month -- is a health and fitness powerhouse. The AFib heart and running upgrades are particularly impress... ...
  • Smartwatches are a 3-Horse Race

    by Neil Mawston | 6月 10, 2022
    Updated research this month from our Wearables tracker shows the global smartwatch industry is now polarizing around three major software platforms. 1. Apple w... ...
  • Apple Watch Q1 Sales Record

    by Neil Mawston | 5月 03, 2022
    In a record first-quarter for Apple, WatchOS shipments worldwide rose a decent +11% YoY in Q1 2022. The premium Series 7 led sales, with cheaper SE and legacy ... ...
  • Garmin Solar Smartwatch

    by Neil Mawston | 5月 03, 2022
    We note Garmin's new Instinct 2 Solar smartwatch is getting quite a bit of attention online. It is a rugged GPS smartwatch with extensive fitness features... ...
  • Google Pixel Watch

    by Neil Mawston | 5月 03, 2022
    The drumbeat of rumors for a new Google Pixel Watch is getting louder. A commercial launch may (or may not) be getting closer. The Internet now claims: ... ...
  • Fitnessband Sales Drop 7% in 2022

    by Neil Mawston | 4月 27, 2022
    Global fitnessband sales fell -21% in 2021 and are excepted to further dip -7% in 2022. Xiaomi Mi Band and others are struggling against smartwatches. What wil... ...
  • Untethered VR Headset Forecast

    by Neil Mawston | 4月 27, 2022
    The untethered virtual reality (UVR) headset market continues to deliver solid growth in 2022. Smartphone-based VR is declining sharply, as standalone now... ...
  • Indonesia is a Top-10 Smartwatch Market

    by Neil Mawston | 4月 27, 2022
    New research (here) finds smartwatch shipments in Indonesia are quietly getting bigger than many folks realize. We calculate Indonesia to be the world's 10th l... ...
  • Rugged Smartwatches

    by Neil Mawston | 4月 13, 2022
    We often get asked why there are so few rugged (toughened) smartwatches on sale worldwide today. The answer is three-fold. First, extra rugged hardware can be... ...
  • India Sells 5 Million Smartwatches

    by Neil Mawston | 4月 13, 2022
    New research (here) from our Wearables team predicts a healthy 5 million smartwatches will be sold in India this year in 2022. This makes India one of the worl... ...

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