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Blackberry brings balance to Android and iOS

by Gina Luk | 3月 14, 2013

Blackberry, through its most recent release of BES 10, its latest version of its on-premise enterprise smartphone management server, is bringing secure workspace capabilities to iOS and Android smartphones.

One of the initial pillars of BES 10 when announced was that of a multi-platform MDM. Essentially, it has the ability to manage Blackberries as well as other popular smartphone platforms including iOS and Android. This was a significant step for Blackberry that has only helped curb the stream of BES removals. In fact, while Blackberry has seen the decay of its customer base accelerate to under 79 million users, BES removals are nowhere close to that rate of decline. While upgrades to BES10 continue to plod along, Blackberry is clearing playing to the desires and fears of IT to keep its BES base more stable than its handhelds have been.

Blackberry Balance, which brings a secure container for work data and applications to BB10 devices through a dual-persona paradigm, has been a growing interest in IT managers that are struggling with the wave of devices coming in through BYOD. Blackberry’s push towards a cross platform container only adds to the growing number of services designed to help support the mix use of mobile devices.

AT&T Toggle: Based on OpenPeak Inc.’s device management platform, Toggle divides work from personal data on Android and iOS devices.

Red Bend Software: Offers its True Solution for BYOD, using a Type 1 hypervisior for a virtual machine architecture that separate corporate and personal workspaces on iOS and Android. Red Bend recently announced a partnership with Samsung to offer enterprise trials of dual persona Galaxy S IIIs.

Fixmo SafeZone: Is a multi-platform, dual persona solution designed to the security requirements of government agencies. It powers a number of commercial device management solutions and partners with Cellrox to extend that company's thin virtualization technology developed for Android to iOS devices.

VMware Horizon Mobile: Creates a dual persona environment, but on Android only.

Samsung Knox: Available only on Samsung’s own Android-based devices, Knox creates a dual persona on Samsung’s future devices. It is not possible to install Knox on existing Samsung Android devices.

Early Further Details on Blackberry latest announcement:

  • The future update to BES 10 will extend secure workspace capabilities for iOS and Android for data-at-rest as well as data-in-transit.
  • The update provides secure client applications for email, calendar, contacts, tasks, memos, browsing and documents edited on the mobile device.
  • Additional applications, including line-of-business applications, can be added to the secured workspace

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