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Motorola Solutions Inc. is Working With, Not Against BYOD

by Gina Luk | 11月 29, 2011

A recent eWeek article, “Motorola Turns Away From BYOD, Consumerizaton of IT” presents a misleading picture of Motorola Solutions Inc. (MSI) strategy relating to the “Bring your own device” (BYOD) trend. The title and the start of the article describes a strategy of "turning away from BYOD" and “stemming the tide of the consumerization of IT resources.” The article gets more confusing with the following statement “While many companies and IT shops are embracing BYOD, Motorola Solutions is looking to derail those BYOD efforts with innovative technologies that not only meet the needs of the user but also fit into the IT department’s ability to manage and govern equipment and operations.”

After today’s conversation with MSI’s top market and product strategists, I am convinced that the folks at MSI have no intentions of recommending that customers close the barn door after the BYOD horse has bolted.  Telling workers who feel empowered to pay for and use their own consumer smartphones and tablets in order to work more productively that they cannot use their device of choice is both futile and bad for business. 

What MSI is committed to is providing hardware, software, and services solutions that enable its customers to maintain heterogeneous mobile environments in which workers, with help from IT staff, can choose the device that best meets their requirements.  For example, workers whose needs are best met by off-the-shelf consumer devices will have their devices kept safe and secure by MSI’s Mobility Services Platform (MSP) software delivered on premise or hosted.  For workers in roles requiring semi-rugged devices with business features such as push-to-talk (PTT) and peripherals support, MSI offers its Android Enterprise Tablet 1 (ET1) and Windows Mobile Enterprise Smartphone 400 (ES400). For workers in more demanding environments, MSI continues to offer its family of ruggedized and vertical industry-specific devices.

MSI got its mobile device strategy right.  Unfortunately eWeek did not.


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