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What are the Most Popular Smartphones in the Top-Five Automotive Markets?

by Juha Winter | 11月 17, 2017

Cars have gotten smarter over the recent years with advanced driver assistance, infotainment, and telematics functionality combined with onboard (embedded) or tethered 4G connectivity. At the same time, smartphones have penetrated the vast majority of the population in the Western world and have surpassed the 50 percent mark in many developing markets, too. The smartphone is the focal point of people’s online activity as they spend time on social networks, listen to music, watch videos, and chat with their friends.

As people increasingly use their smartphone-based apps and services also in the car, optimizing the in-car experience of smartphone integration / mirroring becomes an important purchase driver for car buyers. Due to the fragmented platform landscape both inside the car as well as in Android smartphones (as the Android version fragmentation problem is getting only worse, not better), it’s increasingly important for OEMs and tier-1 suppliers to be aware of the various popular smartphone models being used in cars in different markets.

In a new report published by Strategy Analytics’ Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) service, we present the most popular smartphone models across five major automotive markets around the world: China, the United States, Japan, Germany, and India. A key finding is that the level of vendor/model concentration varies dramatically. Markets like Japan are hugely concentrated with the top-5 models representing half of all devices shipments. Others like China, India, and Germany are much more diverse. You can access our complimentary report here.
Smartphone Integration: Android Auto

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