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  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: Larger Cover Display Brings Improved Phone Experience

    by Paul Brown | 9月 10, 2020
    On September 1st, 2020, Samsung announced its latest foldable device, the Galaxy Z Fold2.  The Fold2 is the third device with a foldable form factor from S... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 7 - V2X UX

    by Chris Schreiner | 9月 08, 2020
    Thank you to everyone who has been listening to UX Soup thus far. We are happy to announce that due to your overwhelming support, UX Soup is now a WEEKLY podcas... ...
  • Q2’20: Samsung Led in Most Smaller Smartphone Markets

    by Rajeev Nair | 9月 03, 2020
    Samsung led in 33 of the 45 smaller smartphone markets in Q2 2020. Per our latest report available here on the Next 45 markets from the Smartphone Country Share... ...
  • Under-display Front Camera Becomes Reality With ZTE Axon 20 5G

    by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | 9月 02, 2020
    ZTE Axon 20 5G became the first device that is launched with under-display front camera. The technology has been coming for some time ever since Samsung Display... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 6 - Haptics

    by Chris Schreiner | 9月 01, 2020
    In this episode, Chris, Derek, and Lisa discuss the state of haptic HMI in smartphones, cars, and elsewhere - including silk shirts and fish scales. In Condense... ...
  • Fitbit Sense Signals Change in Strategy

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 27, 2020
    Fitbit is launching its most advanced smartwatch, the Sense, from September 2020. It is a biosensor-rich device that monitors stress and may predict sickness. I... ...
  • Apple Set to Open More India Retail Channels

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 25, 2020
    Apple has long sold its iPhones in India via third-party retailers, such as Amazon, Flipkart or Reliance Jio. But it has never sold them direct to the Indi... ...
  • Huawei is No.1 in Wearables

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 19, 2020
    According to new research from our Wearables (WDE) service, Huawei became the world’s largest wearables vendor for the first time ever in the se... ...
  • Huawei Tops 5G

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 18, 2020
    According to new research from our EDT (Techs) service, global 5G smartphone shipments soared +2300% to an all-time high in the second quarter of 2020. Hu... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 5 - Healthcare UX

    by Chris Schreiner | 8月 18, 2020
    On this week's episode of UX Soup, Chris talks with Santosh Basapur from Rush University Medical Center about the state of healthcare UX and conducting medical ... ...
  • Recession, what recession? Strong consumer electronics sales defy collapsing GDP

    by David Mercer | 8月 14, 2020
    Beware those pandemic GDP data: any relationship with sales results may be coincidental. In an extraordinary series of results, our latest forecasts have report... ...
  • Microsoft Surface Duo Unlikely to Takeoff

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 14, 2020
    Microsoft this week confirmed it is re-entering the 4G handset market with its new Surface Duo. It is a dual-screen clamshell phone with Android avail... ...
  • Xiaomi Smartwatches Soar in Asia

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 14, 2020
    In a flash, Xiaomi has risen overnight to become the second largest smartwatch vendor in Asia Pacific this year. Its Mi Watch with Google Wear OS is affordable ... ...
  • HMD Nokia Dials Up a Quarter-Billion Dollars

    by Neil Mawston | 8月 12, 2020
    HMD Global this week confirmed it is receiving some US$230 million of fresh funding -- from Google, Qualcomm and Nokia. That is quite a "lockdown bonus". All ... ...
  • Q2’20: Vivo Scales up its Global Smartphone Share

    by Rajeev Nair | 8月 12, 2020
    Vivo minimized its losses in a COVID hit quarter. In Q2 2020, when the global smartphone shipments declined in double digits, Vivo was better off with a -3% dec... ...
  • Pervasive in Smartphones, WiFi Continues to Evolve

    by Ken Hyers | 8月 11, 2020
    Global WiFi-enabled phone sales will decline in 2020 as the global Covid-19 pandemic affects smartphone sales. The WiFi standard 802.11ac remains the most used ... ...
  • TCL 10 5G: One of the Best Affordable 5G Smartphones on the Market

    by Boris Metodiev | 8月 10, 2020
    TCL has launched its first 5G smartphone, the TCL 10 5G. With the new device the company offers a very solid spec sheet at an affordable price. It is TCL’... ...
  • OPPO Posted Solid Growth in Europe and Japan in Q2 2020

    by Yiwen Wu | 8月 10, 2020
    OPPO slightly outperformed global smartphone market in Q2 2020 with -15% annual decline rate amid COVID-19 pandemic. If adding back its sibling brand OnePlus an... ...
  • Huawei Remain Solid in China in 2020

    by Yiwen Wu | 8月 08, 2020
    Huawei outperformed the global smartphone market in Q2 2020 with a modest -5% YoY decline rate. It managed to ship nearly 56 million unit smartphones worldwide ... ...
  • Q2’20: Sony: Volume, Revenues Decline and in Losses

    by Rajeev Nair | 8月 07, 2020
    Profitability continued to elude Sony, as its smartphone volumes and revenues decline annually in Q2 2020.  However, sequentially it did manage to grow ste... ...

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