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Samsung Galaxy S4: What to Expect

by Neil Mawston | 3月 12, 2013

Analysts from our Country Share Tracker (CST) service will be attending the launch of Samsung's new Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone in New York, USA, on Thursday 14th March, 2013.

What do we expect to see?

Hardware: A 5-inch, multicore, LTE slate with upgraded materials and enhanced battery life.

Software: The latest version of Android. Improved eye-tracking. Better touch.

Services: More use of Hubs, such as Readers Hub. Jazzier maps. More support for NFC.

Pricing will be iPhone-like.

Subsidies from carriers in the US and worldwide will be high.

Above all, Samsung must be mindful NOT to do or say anything "bad". Apple lost heartshare when it mislaunched Maps alongside the iPhone 5 last year. Samsung must not replicate Apple's strategic misstep.

Will the S4 be good enough to catch the iPhone 5 as the world's best-selling smartphone model in 2013?

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