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  • Goodbye Motorola... Hello Moto!

    by Neil Mawston | 1月 18, 2016
    Lenovo has recently confirmed it will REMOVE the Motorola brand from its handset products and marketing this year. However, the Motorola brand will REMAIN ... ...
  • Smartphone shopping (virtually) for my family at CES 2016

    by Ken Hyers | 1月 11, 2016
    Every time a new trade show rolls around I tend to play a little game and ask myself which new smartphones announced and exhibited I’d want. This year&rsq... ...
  • Career Opportunity: SENIOR ANALYST: Mobile Devices

    by Neil Mawston | 12月 23, 2015
    Strategy Analytics' Devices Knowledge Center (DKC) is looking to hire a senior research analyst in our mobile devices program. More details... ...
  • Global Handset Revenues Grow in Q3 2015

    by Ken Hyers | 11月 25, 2015
    Global handset industry revenues grew at +9% annually in Q3 2015, while profits grew by an impressive +40% YoY in the quarter. Apple, which introduced two new m... ...
  • Top 3 Mobile Device Trends Predicted for 2016

    by Ken Hyers | 11月 24, 2015
    According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, at least three major global shifts are predicted to take place in the smartphone market during 20... ...
  • Strategy Analytics forecasts 10 key device trends for 2016

    by Ken Hyers | 11月 23, 2015
    In a new report Strategy Analytics' mobile devices team takes a look at the key trends for the coming year.  In this report the team analyses 10 key t... ...
  • Senior Analyst: Mobile Phones

    by Neil Mawston | 11月 19, 2015
    Strategy Analytics' Devices Knowledge Center (DKC) is looking to hire a senior research analyst in our mobile devices program. More details and how to apply ca... ...
  • China Challenge Persists for Lenovo - Motorola

    by Rajeev Nair | 11月 17, 2015
    Lenovo- Motorola’s combined handset shipments declined by -23%, annually in Q3 2015 and the vendor was placed Fifth in our global handset vendor rankings.... ...
  • Sony’s Struggle with LTE and Key Markets Continue

    by Rajeev Nair | 11月 04, 2015
    According to our WDS (Devices) research services, Sony continues with its below par performance in the LTE segment and Key markets like China and India in Q3 20... ...
  • Thailand to Plug into Sony’s Xperia Production by 2016

    by Rajeev Nair | 10月 25, 2015
    Sony plans a dedicated smartphone manufacturing plant in Thailand by 2016. The move reaffirms its commitment to get the stuttering mobile business back on track... ...
  • WiFi Phone Sales Forecast by WiFi Standard

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 22, 2015
    According to our WDS (Devices) research service, global WiFi handset sales will grow by almost +10% in 2016. The 802.11n standard is competing with 802.11ac for... ...
  • TCL-Alcatel Smartphones in Trouble

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 21, 2015
    According to our WDS (Devices) research service, TCL-Alcatel’s global mobile phone revenues plunged -19% YoY in Q3 2015. Fierce competition from Huawei an... ...
  • How can Sony Turnaround its Handset Division?

    by Rajeev Nair | 10月 21, 2015
    Sony’s global handset shipments tumbled to 7.2 million units in Q2 2015. Its profit margin too was down -13% in the first half of 2015. It faces strong co... ...
  • Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Will Grow +3% in 2016

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 16, 2015
    According to new research from our WDS (Devices) service, global mobile phone sales will grow +3% in 2016. Asia Pacific will remain by far the world's largest r... ...
  • Qualcomm Promotes 5G Phones

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 15, 2015
    Qualcomm, a chip maker, has this week been promoting its expertise in supporting the 5G ecosystem that is emerging worldwide, led by South Korea, Japan and the ... ...
  • NFC Phone Sales Will Grow +40% in 2016

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 14, 2015
    According to updated forecasts from our Wireless Device Strategies (WDS) service, global NFC phone sales will grow an above-average +40% in 2016. Near Fiel... ...
  • How Can Blackberry Turnaround its Mobile Phone Division?

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 13, 2015
    Blackberry shipped 52 million mobile phones worldwide in 2011, tumbling to only 4 million in 2015. The CEO recently indicated 2016 will be “make or break&... ...
  • Mobile Phone Revenue & Price Forecasts for 88 Countries

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 06, 2015
    According to our WDS (Devices) research service, global wholesale revenues for mobile phones will grow +4% during 2016. Japan will deliver the highest average s... ...
  • WiFi Phone Sales Will Grow +10% in 2016

    by Neil Mawston | 10月 02, 2015
    According to updated forecasts from our Wireless Device Strategies (WDS) service, global WiFi phone sales will grow an above-average +10% in 2016. The 802.11 te... ...
  • Apple Launches New iPhone, iPad, TV & Watch Upgrade

    by Neil Mawston | 9月 09, 2015
    Apple introduced multiple new products worldwide today, on Weds 9 Sep 2015. Here is our instant analysis, from our Devices teams, two hours into the launc... ...

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