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Uncertified Qi Compatible Devices Leading

by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | 8月 24, 2022

Wireless charging technology is found in nearly all higher-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Apple iPhones. Many Chinese firms are the technology, and the highest number of wireless charging-enabled smartphones are sold in the Asia Pacific region.

There are two main wireless charging standards. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) offers its Qi standard, while the AirFuel Alliance offers its own PMA standard. Both are based off inductive charging technology. Nearly all smartphones use the WPC standard and the PMA/AirFuel one is quickly disappearing as a wireless charging solution for smartphones.

BPP (Baseline Power Profile) and EPP (Extended Power Profile) are the two major wireless charging specifications included in the Qi wireless charging certification. In addition to the certified product there are number of uncertified, Qi compatible, products such as Apple iPhone 12 and 13 -series.

Many smartphone vendors also offer their own proprietary fast-charging wireless charging solutions alongside the Qi standard. These solutions are quickly gaining ground to offer faster charging for smartphones than is available via the Qi power profiles.

After several years of relatively slow growth and low penetration, cable-free wireless charging technology is now in nearly one third of smartphones sold globally. By 2027 over third of all smartphones sold globally will offer wireless charging solutions.

Clients of our Device Technologies (EDT) service can learn more about technological evolution in different regions from the report Analysis: Global Smartphone Sales Forecast for Wireless Charging up to 2027.

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