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HTC About to Introduce "Squeezable" Phone

by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | 5月 04, 2017

HTC is about to introduce a new interaction solution with its upcoming premium tier smartphone - squeezing.

Squeezable phone is no new concept. NTT DoCoMo was showcasing a prototype already back in 2012 but the concept never went to production. By embedding touch sensors around the frame, the phone can be interacted by squeezing and likely also by swiping the edges of the phone. Side interaction adds a whole new dimension to the way we can interact with the phone. 

The technology is however not without some obvious caveats. When the first Edge models were introduced by Samsung the problem was the sensitive sides of the displays that caused some unwanted actions in the phones. Samsung has since corrected the problem, but now HTC is entering the same territory with a new concept. How they have resolved the issue will be key to the usability of the new feature.

However, it is refreshing to see that vendors are boldly introducing new concepts to the market. If the interaction solution proves to be useful and popular we shall see other vendors implementing similar new interaction methods to the market.

By adding sensors to the handsets vendors can create whole new ways to use the handsets. 3D Imaging, Iris scanning, multiple sensors with co-processor, are all broadening the way we use our handset.

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