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How is Fingerprint Authentication Doing in Handsets?

by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | 5月 04, 2017

While only a few years ago fingerprint sensor were a rarity and only found in select premium tier handsets, today they are found in many handsets, ranging from high-end to mid-tier devices. The need for better security and reliable authentication methods has caused demand for fingerprint sensor to surge.

Fingerprint sensor can now be found in handsets at nearly all price points from premium- to the mid-tier. Some sensor manufacturers have already announced sensors for entry level devices. Overall the market is growing and majority of the growth comes from sensors being pushed to lower price points. Strategy Analytics forecasts that the penetration will continue to surge from 34% of all handsets in 2016 to 81% by 2022.

Fingerprint Cards (FPC), a global leader in fingerprint sensors has released its FPC1028, which is targeted for entry level handsets. During a recent analyst call, FPC mentioned that the entry level sensor has been well received and several devices can be expected to come with it. Despite having minor inventory problems FPC is gradually clearing the backlog and the future looks positive.

                                Image result for fpc1028

There are two primary positions for a fingerprint sensor, in the front embedded into the "home"-button or in the back of the phone. The newest trend in the market is to put the sensor behind glass in the front and Strategy Analytics forecasts that by 2022, 45% of all fingerprint sensor equipped handsets will have the button behind glass.

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