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DJI Introduces Enterprise-Focused Matrice 200 (M200) Series Drones

by Ken Hyers | 3月 01, 2017

DJI, the world leader in camera drones in terms of shipment volumes and revenue, at Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC2017) introduced a new enterprise-focused series of drones. The Matrice 200 (M200) series drone is a heavy duty quadcopter designed to take on a variety of tasks, ranging from inspection services, search and rescue, or any of a variety of other jobs that commercial drones are being tasked with these days. The M200 series is actually three different drones, the M200, M210 and M210 RTK, each optimized for different payload configurations.

The M200 series is based in part on some of the hardware found in DJI’s crossover prosumer / professional-grade drone, the Inspire 2, beloved by cinematographers and used for photogrammetry. Unlike the Inspire 2, the M200 can be folded up (to a degree), making the very large drone a bit more portable. Like the Inspire 2, but unlike DJI’s better known Phantom series of drones, the M200 does not come with its own camera for taking photos, though there is a forward facing camera mounted that provides a drone’s-eye view video feed to the pilot. Buyers of the M200 can outfit the aircraft with different cameras of their own choice, optimized for specific applications. While the base M200 can carry just one camera, mounted below the aircraft, the M210 and M210 RTK can mount a single camera on top of the drone or one or two cameras below it (based on weight of the camera and specific applications).

DJI M200 Series Configured for Various Camera Payloads

With the M200 series DJI is looking to extend its dominance in the enterprise drone space where drones, costing upwards of US$5,000, are used for inspection services, search and rescue and other activities. The M200 offers a range of features not found in other drones, and while not all customers will require these capabilities, for those that do, DJI is currently the best-positioned drone maker to meet their needs.

Our full report, DJI Set to Dominate Enterprise Drone Space with M200, is available to clients of our Emerging Device Strategies service.
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