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Can Europe Lead 5G?

by Neil Mawston | 7月 08, 2016

The EU has been vocal this week about its plans to accelerate 5G network and device launches across the union. Europe knows full well it is in a three-way race with Asia and North America to trumpet its technology-leadership in the "5G wars" and become the first major commercial 5G region worldwide.

Can the EU lead 5G? Recent experience says probably not. Despite early moves in Sweden, the EU in the past was generally late to introduce 3G and 4G handsets (and networks) between 2000 and 2015. We therefore expect the EU to trail behind in 5G in the early 2018-to-2022 window, because of political or cultural / legal barriers, and it will likely be Japan, South Korea and perhaps the US that go first or fastest.

More details on our forecast for 5G phones by region can be viewed by clients here.

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