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NFC, WiFi & Wireless Charging Phone Forecasts

by Neil Mawston | 9月 07, 2015

Integrating the most popular technologies into mobile phones is one of the hardest tasks for device and component makers. In a crowded global market, which techs to leave in, and which to leave out?

Our published forecast-datamodel -- available to clients of our WDS (Devices) service here -- is a two-part series of reports forecasting over 40 major enabling technologies for mobile phones.

Technologies forecasted globally and by region, from 2007 to 2020, include:

* NFC phones;
* QWERTY phones;
* Ruggedized phones;
* Temperature-sensor phones;
* USB phones;
* Voice-recognition phones;
* Waterproof phones;
* WiFi phones;
* Wireless-charging phones.

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