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  • iPhone users say: “it’s not perfect”

    by User Not Found | 7月 20, 2007
    Extraordinary findings from our latest research, which surveys user experience of two leading multimedia phones: the iPhone is not perfect after all. But it and... ...
  • Digital Distribution and Emerging Industry Structures

    by User Not Found | 7月 20, 2007
    Just a note that we just released an important foundation report that examines the impact of emerging digital media models on traditional audiovisual industries... ...
  • Shhh… DLNA works, but don’t tell anyone

    by User Not Found | 7月 20, 2007
    Getting digital media from one device to another is rarely a straightforward matter, unless you stick to one manufacturer for all your devices. One organisation... ...
  • Femtocells - a few hurdles to consider

    by User Not Found | 7月 20, 2007
    SA analysts have been holding heated discussions on the potential of femtocells, an excellent example of a technology that has strategic implications across the... ...
  • Interactive TV: Was it worth the price?

    by User Not Found | 7月 18, 2007
    Ofcom's Ayre report on premium rate telephony and television participation services is a damning indictment of "systemic" practices in the UK TV industry. The ... ...
  • Hold the front page: Ofcom praises Sky

    by User Not Found | 7月 18, 2007
    Make sure you're sitting down with a stiff Scotch: amidst the damning indictment of the practices of major UK broadcasters, buried in Ofcom Chief Executive Ed R... ...
  • Triple play transforms Sky while regulator decisions loom

    by User Not Found | 7月 11, 2007
    Sky gave its latest trading statement in a presentation this morning in advance of full year results in a couple of weeks. The results illustrate how Sky has be... ...
  • PS3 price “cut”

    by User Not Found | 7月 10, 2007
    Given that Sony released the news of the $499 60GB console two days before E3 opens, we can expect further significant announcements at the press conference tom... ...
  • 20 years ago today

    by User Not Found | 7月 06, 2007
    I'm not sure which is more frightening - the fact that I started my analyst career 20 years ago today, July 6th 1987, or the fact that I remember the date so cl... ...
  • Passport, tickets, er, bluetooth…?

    by User Not Found | 7月 05, 2007
    With our thoughts turning to sandy beaches and summer sun (UK readers sheltering from the latest downpour may vaguely remember this) Mike Foley of the Bluetooth... ...
  • DVD sales down - online TV to blame?

    by User Not Found | 7月 05, 2007
    According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, spending on DVDs in the US fell 2% in the first half of this year. The article concentrates on movie titles, as... ...
  • Virgin Media in spotlight … again

    by User Not Found | 7月 04, 2007
    Back in March, Virgin Media subscribers lost access to Sky channels, and many observers predicted 10s if not 100s of thousands of Virgin customers would defect ... ...
  • BBC brings forward iPlayer launch date

    by User Not Found | 6月 27, 2007
    The BBC has announced the launch of its iPlayer for July 27th, several months earlier than expected. The iPlayer will be free to use (for UK licence fee payers)... ...
  • Blockbuster puts post-DVD cards on table

    by User Not Found | 6月 22, 2007
    A couple of footnotes to previous posts on the next-gen disc saga. 1 - Blockbuster’s decision to roll out BD discs to 1700 stores, keeping HD-DVD to only 250. 2... ...
  • Telco tech at NXTcomm

    by User Not Found | 6月 20, 2007
    The NXTcomm convention is under way at McCormick Place in Chicago. The exhibition floor is populated by all the right names, but it somehow doesn't seem quite a... ...
  • Toshiba cuts HD-DVD forecast

    by User Not Found | 6月 13, 2007
    Further signs that the next gen DVD format war is swinging decisively towards Blu-Ray - in spite of all Sony's problems with PS3. Toshiba yesterday cut its US 2... ...
  • Another display technology bites the dust

    by User Not Found | 5月 30, 2007
    One of the perennial questions we get asked is, what will be the next TV display technology? We have been predicting the dominance of LCD for at least the last ... ...
  • Mobile operators under pressure - surely not?

    by User Not Found | 5月 30, 2007
    Analyst conferences are a good way to get an quick fire update on a company's strategy, so I'm spending a valuable couple of days in Boston with Alcatel-Lucent.... ...
  • Canal Digital: SD Still Has Legs

    by User Not Found | 5月 21, 2007
    Well, good job I put a questionmark after the last entry title. Canal Digital confirmed to me today that standard definition TV will not be shut down in 2008. H... ...
  • Canal Digital First To Switch Off SD?

    by User Not Found | 5月 17, 2007
    A couple of items recently that suggest Europe is accelerating towards a high definition TV future. First, it has been reported that Canal Digital, one of Scand... ...

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