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Sony Upbeat As PS3 closes in on Xbox

by User Not Found | 2月 04, 2010

We met with Sony Playstation's senior European executives today for a performance update and to hear plans for 2010 and beyond. After what the company described as a challenging 2009 the PS3 nevertheless appears to be in a strong position as we enter 2010. I can't release any detailed European market data yet, but we will be publishing our own estimates and forecast for console sales very shortly. But the general global outlook for the current generation of home consoles appears to be clear. In terms of annual sales volumes Nintendo's Wii is entering a period of decline, although its global performance in 2009 held up well. The Xbox 360 has peaked in terms of annual sales, while sales of the PS3 are still on an upward trajectory. So while the PS3 still ranks third globally in terms of installed base, this situation may not last much longer. Much depends on assumptions about the longevity of these platforms. As we have always argued, the PS3 was designed with longest term vision in mind, and that is now being demonstrated by global sales patterns. However the uncertainty surrounds the impact of system upgrades such as Natal and Sony's motion controller. These are likely to give renewed impetus to both platforms. We'll release our conclusions together with market data projections in the next week or so. Client Reading: Consumer Imperatives for Digital TV Media Browsers Add to Technorati Favorites
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