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Net-centricity Driving Military Cyber Defense Operational Doctrine

by Asif Anwar | 5月 22, 2012

Defending military assets from attacks generated through the digital cyber domain means that traditional battle domains – air, land, sea and space – now have a fifth operational category, cyber space. Defending this fifth domain is only going to become more important as military platforms and systems increasingly adopt net-centricity as a central tenet of operation.

Net-centricity is simply the continuing evolution for military operations in the IP domain and cyber-security will need to be woven into devices and networks. There will be a convergence of physical/RF and cyber exploits and cybersecurity will become a mainstay even as budget constraints impact other aspects of a program.

There are many aspects to cybersecurity and the multidimensional nature of the problem requires a range of capabilities and technologies. To cover these requirements, there are specialty companies that focus on specific elements as well as solution providers such as General Dynamics and 3eTI. Larger defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and Thales are also working hard to evolve their capabilities.

The Strategy Analytics Advanced Defense Systems (ADS) service report “Defending the Fifth Domain” explores the continuing move towards net-centricity and the implications of operating in the cyber domain for military operations. Other issues covered include IPv6 readiness, linking future cyber requirements with electronic warfare and identifying the core requirements for companies to be successful.

Clients of the ADS service can read the full report here

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