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  • T2 Turbochargers Dealer Data

    by Roger Lanctot | 1月 25, 2022
    The onset of electric vehicles has a lot of pundits predicting the demise of car dealers. EVs require much less service than the typical internal combustio... ...
  • Waymo Collides with Transparency

    by Roger Lanctot | 1月 25, 2022
    Anyone looking to U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to forthrightly assert a path-setting policy vision to guide autonomous vehicle development in th... ...
  • Musk: Colossus of Roads with Achilles' Heal

    by Roger Lanctot | 1月 25, 2022
    For Tesla, 2021 was an amazing year. A blindspot looms in 2022. Critics cheered the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for opening multiple investig... ...
  • Tavares Converts Collaboration into Leadership

    by Roger Lanctot | 1月 25, 2022
    Stellantis stole the show at CES 2022. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares had a breakthrough at CES 2022 introducing his one-year-old company to the world and settin... ...
  • What is Mary Barra Selling?

    by Roger Lanctot | 1月 25, 2022
    Once again keynoting the annual Consumer Electronics Show and once again doing so virtually, General Motors CEO Mary Barra talked over the heads of her audience... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 72 - CES 2022 Recap

    by Chris Schreiner | 1月 11, 2022
    The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was once again hampered by the pandemic. With Omicron surging, many companies pulled out while others scaled back the... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 70 - 2021 Year in Review

    by Chris Schreiner | 1月 04, 2022
    In 2021, UX Soup covered a whole host of topics, from areas we cover at work on a daily basis to ones we chose to cover to show how UX and user-centered princip... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 66 - Designing for Comfort with Dr. Cyriel Diels

    by Chris Schreiner | 12月 21, 2021
    A couple of months ago we chatted with Joe Smyth about motion sickness - what causes it, how can we mitigate or recover from it, and also how we could measure i... ...
  • Herbert Diess – The Man Behind VW’s Transformation To Electric

    by Kevin Mak | 12月 15, 2021
    On Friday, 10th December, the supervisory board at Volkswagen Group extended the CEO contract of Herbert Diess, the man behind the transformation of the auto gr... ...
  • The Coming Challenge for High-kWh EVs – Home Charging Education and Expense

    by Edward Sanchez | 11月 05, 2021
    With Tesla stock’s stratospheric performance, Lucid’s IPO, and Rivian’s pending IPO, and the splashy unveiling of the Ford F-150 Lightning, aw... ...

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