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  • Automated Driving Key to Obama Legacy

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 23, 2016
    President Barack Obama has a legacy deficit.  True, this ground-breaking, Nobel Prize-winning leader forged a massive economic recovery, brokered a nuclear... ...
  • GM Trumps Ford

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 23, 2016
    I strongly recommend giving a listen to John McElroy’s panel discussion podcast featuring Julia Steyn (pictured on the right, above), vice president of ur... ...
  • Alphabet vs. Radio: Traffic Info Smackdown

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 08, 2016
    Alphabet is showing signs of taking over just about every infotainment function in cars except one:  traffic information. When Alphabet, aka Google, arriv... ...
  • Car Dealers Courting Irrelevance

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 03, 2016
    Steven Szakaly, chief economist of the National Automobile Dealer Association in the U.S., spoke at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Semi... ...
  • Beware of Competitors' Praise

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 27, 2016
    In Tom Taylor's latest email blast he quotes SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer saying that his 30M+ listeners are not making an either/or choice.  They are listening... ...
  • AVS2016: The Autonomous Week That Was

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 26, 2016
    Last week began with news of Germany pondering the requirement of a crash-reporting black box for autonomous vehicles and China considering a ban on testing of... ...
  • Car Theft Making a Comeback

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 17, 2016
    In the U.K., where vehicle theft has been in a steep decline for the past 20 years, the most widespread advice given by police to car owners is: keep your car ... ...
  • AVS 2016: Table Set for Tesla Tussle

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 15, 2016
    As predicted, by me, the anti-Tesla and anti-autonomous vehicle forces are gathering in the wake the recent fatal Tesla Model S crash in Florida.  The ris... ...
  • Tragic License

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 12, 2016
    We’ve seen so many of the videos now (here in the U.S. and around the world) that the evening news has morphed into a prolonged episode of “Cops&rd... ...
  • NTSB Entry Raises the Stakes of Tesla Probe

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 10, 2016
    The National Transportation Safety Board’s entry into the investigation of the first fatal crash of a Tesla Model S is a monumental turning point in the a... ...
  • Car Sharing, Ride Hailing on Collision Course

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 05, 2016
    Do car makers know what they are getting themselves into with car sharing?  Car companies are lacing up their skates and venturing out on the thin ice of ... ...
  • Time for the ZeroDollar Car?

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 04, 2016 came out with a report last week raising questions regarding new car pricing with a city-by-city breakdown of affordability.  Bankrate's key ... ...
  • Help for First Responders on the Fourth

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 03, 2016
    It is fitting and unfortunate that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chose the Friday before the Fourth of July weekend to release figures show... ...
  • No Turning Back on Autonomous Driving

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 01, 2016
    Politicians will tell you that Fridays are reserved for announcements (defeats, resignations, indictments) intended to be ignored or lost in the end of week ne... ...
  • Driverless Policy Making

    by Roger Lanctot | 6月 06, 2016
    The Vision Zero movement, embraced by Sweden and select U.S. and foreign cities around the world, continues to elude the grasp of U.S. Department of Transporta... ...
  • How AT&T Will Turn on Car 2 Car Connectivity

    by Roger Lanctot | 5月 20, 2016
    Cnet reports that, starting this week, AT&T is offering "Unlimited Plan" customers the option to add connected cars or a ZTE Mobley Wi-Fi plug-in device to... ...
  • Uber Cancelled My Cancellation Fee

    by Roger Lanctot | 5月 18, 2016
    When fawning over the darlings of the technology industry we tend to forget that these organizations are made up of human beings working with fallible technolo... ...
  • Time to End the TomTom, Apple Game of Chicken

    by Roger Lanctot | 5月 09, 2016
    After its latest somewhat disappointing earnings report and TomTom's less than disappointing earnings report, the time would seem nigh for Apple to make a long... ...
  • Software at the Heart of Auto Industry's Lost Mojo

    by Roger Lanctot | 4月 29, 2016
    There was a time when auto makers ruled the world of manufacturing and engineering.  That time coincided with the market share struggles between Japanese ... ...
  • Stop the Dashboard Insanity

    by Roger Lanctot | 4月 22, 2016
    Speaking as part of the digital track at this week's NAB confab, John Ellis proclaimed the demise of the dashboard radio in the coming world of automated vehicl... ...

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