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  • No Apple, No Google, No Uber, Oh, My!

    by Roger Lanctot | 10月 06, 2015
    How do you talk about the future of transportation in this day and age without talking about Apple, Google and Uber?  Attend the 22nd ITS World Congress i... ...
  • How Verizon Can Save Volkswagen ... and the Planet

    by Roger Lanctot | 10月 04, 2015
    Volkswagen’s emissions test cheating woes are unfolding in a painfully slow but familiar manner as the corporation circles its legal wagons to confront l... ...
  • VW Prepares to Come out of Its Shell

    by Roger Lanctot | 9月 28, 2015
    As the lawsuits and government investigations of Volkswagen unfold, the automotive industry is just beginning to comprehend the long and short-term impact of V... ...
  • Microsoft Considering Automotive Market Re-Entry

    by Roger Lanctot | 9月 17, 2015
    From the here-we-go-again department comes word of Microsoft seeking a partner to bring its Cortana speech recognition platform to the automotive market.  ... ...
  • 'I Can't Believe It's Free'

    by Roger Lanctot | 9月 17, 2015
    That’s what my cab driver said yesterday on the way to Charles de Gaulle Airport in reference to Waze. He couldn’t believe such a wonderful navigat... ...
  • Behavior the Biggest Barrier to Self-Driving Cars

    by Roger Lanctot | 9月 16, 2015
    I am just back from Beijing, China, where the people behind the steering wheels make Boston drivers look positively passive. In fact, the driving behavior in B... ...
  • Is WeChat Ready for Its Automotive Closeup?

    by Roger Lanctot | 9月 14, 2015
    A year ago in China the conventional wisdom was that social networking app WeChat was coming to car dashboards. It was only a matter of time and a process of de... ...
  • Security Storm May Bring Port Closure

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 27, 2015
    A growing population of automakers is quietly calling for the shutdown of the on-board diagnostic (OBDII) port in passenger vehicles. Car makers would prefer t... ...
  • MDOT's Not So Smart Highway

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 26, 2015
    If you are looking to see your tax dollars being frittered away in some place other than the Middle East you need look no further than Interstate 96 and 696 ou... ...
  • Overcoming the Curse of Connectivity

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 26, 2015
    How do you fill an executive position no one wants? One of my sons, an IT professional, recently told me about his boss leaving. I asked if he was a candidate ... ...
  • U.S. Car Insurers Have Blood on Their Hands

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 17, 2015
    Okay. Okay. Maybe that is a mild bit of overstatement. But in my mind it is true. When you can’t get a decent discount from your car insurance company fo... ...
  • Security through Connectivity

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 12, 2015
    According to Wikipedia, the debut album of the Jimi Hendrix Experience – “Are You Experienced” – is widely recognized as one of the gre... ...
  • CEOs in IoT Spectrum Smackdown

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 05, 2015
    The two executives were very polite when they met to testify before the Congressional Internet of Things Caucus last week.  But beneath the veneer of pleas... ...
  • Sprint IoT Credibility on the Line in Fiat Chrysler Hack

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 27, 2015
    If you are going to connect things to other things the first thing you need to get right is security. It’s a little like building the mote before you let ... ...
  • More Drivers, More Cars, More Deaths

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 11, 2015
    A growing coterie of auto industry experts is forecasting an autopocalypse* of declining vehicle sales as driverless cars increase the usage rate of the existin... ...
  • Flo & Liberty: Who's Really on Your Side?

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 08, 2015
    Around the world, automotive insurance advertising is ubiquitous, sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying, sometimes misleading, sometimes enlightening. There&rs... ...
  • Carzapp, Santander Will Change Auto Lending

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 07, 2015
    As a reader of “Non-Prime Times,” the bi-monthly publication of the National Automotive Finance Association, I can honestly say that this is an ind... ...
  • The Rise of Radio

    by Roger Lanctot | 6月 17, 2015
    As I read “Losing the Signal: The Untold Story of the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry” by Jacque McNish a core theme emerges e... ...
  • Is Your Car a Smartphone on Wheels?

    by Roger Lanctot | 6月 11, 2015
    AT&T’s most recent quarterly financials packed a startling revelation. AT&T is now activating more new connected cars than net new postpaid wirel... ...
  • Lessons from the Nash Crash

    by Roger Lanctot | 6月 06, 2015
    The death of mathematician Dr. John Nash Jr. (of “A Beautiful Mind” fame) and his wife Alicia in a crash on the New Jersey Turnpike last week highli... ...

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