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  • Amazon, Tesla, Uber aaaaand DoorDash

    by Roger Lanctot | 12月 07, 2020
    As the death toll in the U.S. from COVID-19 approaches 300,000 I am impressed by the resilience of pandemic doubters and deniers. I’m talking about t... ...
  • DoorDash IPO Spins COVID-19 Impact

    by Roger Lanctot | 11月 16, 2020
    The outlook for DoorDash’s highly anticipated public offering announced last week is inextricably bound up in the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It... ...
  • Uber, Lyft: No Partitions, No Testing, No Profits, No Shame

    by Roger Lanctot | 11月 12, 2020
    Of all of the voluminous reporting on the mobility sector generally and ride hailing in particular most shocking is the lack of coverage of driver and passenger... ...
  • Uber's Proposition 22 Movement Must be Stopped

    by Roger Lanctot | 11月 09, 2020
    The only thing worse than California voters passing Proposition 22 – a measure to enable all app-based drivers to be considered independent contractors ... ...
  • Uber Drivers Sue Uber over Prop 22

    by Roger Lanctot | 10月 27, 2020
    While millions of workers around the world have lost their jobs and thousands of companies have disappeared in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a handful of t... ...
  • Hyundai: Coherent Mobility Strategy

    by Roger Lanctot | 10月 27, 2020
    Attendees at CES 2020 might have been stunned to see the S-A1 Urban Air Vehicle dominating the Hyundai booth in the North Hall - perhaps even raising questions ... ...
  • COVID-19 Puts Kibosh on Cruise

    by Roger Lanctot | 10月 23, 2020
    Within months of its post-CES announcement of the Cruise Automation Origin robotaxi, General Motors found itself face to face with an operational design domain ... ...
  • The COVID-19 Economy

    by Roger Lanctot | 10月 13, 2020
    Three years ago, Intel and Strategy Analytics collaborated on a report that imagined a world of the future that would be defined by automated vehicles with good... ...
  • CA Prop 22: Vote 'No' on Greed

    by Roger Lanctot | 10月 07, 2020
    Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates, and Instacart are financing a $180M advertising blitz in California to support a ballot measure – Proposition 22 – ... ...
  • Uber's Grim Green Grift

    by Roger Lanctot | 10月 01, 2020
    Uber Technologies won’t be reporting its latest earnings for another month, but when it does so in November the news is not expected to be good. In a... ...
  • How Car Companies Can Combat Covid-19

    by Roger Lanctot | 9月 18, 2020
    The automotive industry has felt the full brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic with factory and dealership shutdowns, personal protective equipment and ventilator man... ...
  • Stopping GM's Mobility Madness

    by Roger Lanctot | 9月 11, 2020
    Four and a half years ago General Motors sank $500M into ride hailing service provider Lyft. At the time, the investment looked like a hedge against the su... ...
  • Uber: D-Day for Dara… and John

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 18, 2020
    My wife and I disagree. My wife thinks Uber provides a valuable and often inexpensive alternative to taxis – plain and simple. I see something m... ...
  • Uber: Dara's Distracted Driving

    by Roger Lanctot | 8月 12, 2020
    Uber has taken a highly profitable business and turned it into a very unprofitable and dangerous one with the help of the pandemic. With guile, innovation,... ...
  • Super-Outraged over Uber's Data Sharing

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 21, 2020
    Reuters reports that Uber has quietly launched a service to give public health officials quick access to data on drivers and riders presumed to have come into c... ...
  • Cars and COVID-19 Uncertainty

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 21, 2020
    A funny thing happens when you let car makers make cars and car dealers sell cars - people start buying cars. With the U.S. economy at least partially re-openin... ...
  • Lyft's Partition Proposition #Fail

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 20, 2020
    In his account of former Uber founder, Travis Kalanick's, rise and demise, "Super Pumped," New York Times correspondent Mike Isaac recounts the impact of the ar... ...
  • TFL: Regulations Gone Wrong

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 16, 2020
    The only thing worse than no regulation at all is a regulatory regime run amok. At no time is this clearer than in the midst of a pandemic when lives and l... ...
  • COVID-19: Miami's Mobility Muddle

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 01, 2020
    We hear it every day from so-called transportation experts. The general public is going to be too terrified to ride public transportation after COVID-19. Guess ... ...
  • COVID-19: Through the Rearview Mirror

    by Roger Lanctot | 7月 01, 2020
    The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the business of reporting news into a funhouse mirror where reality is distorted, up is down, and hopes for improving health an... ...

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