The healthcare ecosystem is going through severe growing pains brought about by rapid digital transformation, accelerated by COVID-19. As consumer and medical industries merge to provide a wealth of health data, challenges emerge. How do we meet the differing needs of patients, healthcare providers, caregivers, and administrators? How do we address interoperability issues? How do we win when it comes to digital health?


Our syndicated research and consultancy service answers these questions by diving deep into areas such as forecasting key players in the digital healthcare field, human factors issues affecting digital adoption, evaluation, and analysis of the user experience, identifying the most cost-effective vendors to use, and evaluating methods of deployment adopted within disjointed systems.


AR and VR in Healthcare - Market Uptake and 20 Case Studies

How is AR and VR being used in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical verticals today? How quick is the uptake by enterprises? Strategy Analytics' Enterprise survey data gives insight into adoption of these novel technologies. The report includes 20 case studies showing how AR and VR are improving patient outcomes though advanced surgery, enriching training, and enhancing the sales channel.

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Monitoring Health & Wellness Remotely: A Roadmap to Healthy Adoption

There has been a proliferation of digital health and wellness functions within the consumer wearables market and more attention has been paid to remote healthcare monitoring solutions either through a self managed approach (independently at home or in partnership with a physician) or through a full service program initiated and managed by the healthcare practitioner.

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The Smartwatch: An Integrated Healthcare Wearable

Advances in biometrics have allowed smartwatches to venture further into the healthcare industry. Smartwatches have come to market with integrated healthcare features that measure blood pressure, detect irregular heart rhythms, and detect falls to augment traditional health and wellness features.

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UX Soup: Episode 62 - Remote Health Monitoring

These are exciting times in digital health, with consumers having greater access to devices that can assess their physical and mental health and medical practitioners having more connected devices at their disposal to prescribe to patients. Lisa takes Chris through the current landscape of remote health monitoring, addressing stakeholder needs, and the main user experience issues faced.

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Data Privacy (Part 2 of 2): Survey Highlights Privacy Paradox
• IP address • Social Security number • Financial account number • Security code/access codes/passwords • DNA profile • Digital signature • Health insurance ID number • Passport number * Differences between German and US consumers ** Information not asked in Markos et al. (2017) https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii

Report | 22/08/2019 Chris Schreiner | UX Innovation

MWC 2022 : Smartphones Review
capabilities of the devices. The Honor Magic4 Pro is equipped with a 50MP wide camera, 50MP 122o ultra-wide camera, and an 64MP periscope telephoto camera, which can deliver a x3.5 optical zoom and a x100 digital zoom. The 100W wired fast charge allows the 4600mAh battery to charge completely from zero in just 30 mins, while the 100W Wireless

Report | 03/03/2022 Ken Hyers | Devices

Global Smartwatch Sales Forecast for 88 Countries: 2012 to 2027
Pacific, the growth is driven by major local vendors such as Huawei and Zepp Health (Amazfit, Zepp brands) launching new smartwatch models and increasingly migrating from feature watches to more fully featured smartwatches that enable 3rd party apps. At the same time, consumer preferences in these markets are also shifting to smartwatches at the expense

Report | 08/04/2022 Juha Winter | Devices

VALUE SHARE: Global Wearables Revenue and ASP by Vendor : Q4 2021
storage as the Active 2. It also sports the same health-focused biosensors as the Active 2, such as blood pressure, ECG, and blood oxygen tracking. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 sports a digital rotating dial, the option for a bigger casing than the original Galaxy Watch Active, ECG capability, and a cellular connected option. The original Galaxy Watch

Report | 31/03/2022 Steven Waltzer | Devices

Global Fitnessband Sales Forecast for 88 Countries: 2012 to 2027
2022 5. Definitions Definitions We define a "fitness band" as a digital wrist-band (without a watch-like bulge) that monitors and records basic fitness or health data for consumer users that can be synched with a PC or phone. Some examples of fitness bands include Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and Samsung Fit e. This particular forecast does NOT include

Report | 28/04/2022 Juha Winter | Devices

Mobile Computing Shipments, Revenue, Installed Base and Penetration Forecast by Type by 88 Countries 2010-2027: H1 22 Update
the COVID-19 pandemic with hybrid work and digital learning becoming more normal. While demand for mobile computing devices has been incredibly strong during the pandemic, questions remain whether this high demand will last, if the supply chain can recover in time to meet continued demand, whether any of the behavioral changes will last in the long

Report | 30/06/2022 Eric Smith | Devices

The Future of Enterprise Mobility in Middle East and Africa
online communication and Internet services, stemming from working and studying remotely, along with supporting solution providers offering tele-health and e-education solutions. In Saudi Arabia, for example, mobile operators have demonstrated a keen sense of social responsibility during the pandemic by launching various initiatives to support

Report | 25/11/2020 Gina Luk | IoT Ecosystem

The Booming UWB Market
electric” automobile using BMW’s Digital Key Plus. The NFL uses UWB to track the location of players and footballs on the field in real time. The LinkTrack from Namoton Technology can report the locations of up to 40 drones at the same time. Boeing uses UWB to locate one tool among 10,000 on the factory floor. Alltran claims

Blog | 09/09/2021 Chris Taylor

Smartwatches & Fitness Bands: Prioritization and Satisfaction
historically only provided dedicated fitness features had broadened their features to include monitoring of clinical health indicators (some of which are FDA approved). This report provides the results of a recent online survey in the US, UK, and China looking at which overall features are important to end users and how satisfied they are with their

Report | 27/04/2021 Lisa Cooper | UX Innovation

CES 2022 Automotive Preview
. 2.2 Display 2.2.1 Altia Automotive display company Altia will be showcasing its new EV integrated cockpit solution featuring 3D display technology running on Android, as well as its all-digital instrument clusters, heads-up displays, and its 3D health monitor solution. The company will also showcase the features of its new Altia Design

Report | 20/12/2021 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

Global Smartwatch OS Market Share by Region : Q4 2021
. There are 4G versions for standalone cellular usage. The always-on Retina screen mode is 70% brighter indoors. Apple Watch SE is a de-specced Watch 7 at 30% lower price, to fend off rising competition from Xiaomi and others. Health, fitness, sports, safety and 4G connectivity are the five main killer apps and key selling points for carriers. Watch OS 8

Report | 18/03/2022 Steven Waltzer | Devices

Smart Home Opportunities in MDUs - April 2022
remotely control access as well as view a building’s security camera feeds. The company is also partnered with third-party monitoring centers, so if property managers express requests for active monitoring of their buildings, 1VALET can provide that service Tenants in buildings outfitted with the 1VALET solution can use digital keys on their smartphone to

Report | 14/04/2022 Jack Narcotta | Devices

Brain Computer Interfaces: Vendor Profile Report
/health/diagnostics/17457-seeg-test https://hexus.net/qaep4h Copyright© 2021 Strategy Analytics, Inc. 4 Brain Computer Interface Technologies activity include Electroencephalography, Magnetoencephalography, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Electrocorticography. However, the portability of this technology is

Report | 14/10/2021 Diane O'Neill | UX Innovation

Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: January - March 2022
-purpose switches, RF subsystems, and power relays. RFMW is a specialized distributor providing customers and suppliers with focused distribution of RF and microwave components as well as specialized component-engineering support. 01-Feb-22 3.4.8 Qorvo Biotechnologies Receives NIH Contract The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded

Report | 06/05/2022 Eric Higham | Components

Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: July - September 2021
weight of most modern AESA radars and costs about half as much as typical fire control radars. It combines GaN-based electronics technology with innovative packaging of its digital receiver/exciter and CHIRP processor along with an air-cooled design. 29-Sep-21 Advanced Semiconductors © Strategy Analytics 2021 All Rights Reserved

Report | 11/11/2021 Eric Higham | Components


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