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While More Subscribe to Cable/Satellite TV, OTT VOD Users are More Satisfied with their Service in US & Western Europe

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Report Summary:

While it is inevitable that consumers will continue to use multiple TV/video services to complete their TV/video experience, it is imperative that cable/satellite TV providers revamp their service to include key aspects and value-added features of their streaming competitors. Despite the fact that survey respondents in the US and all regions evaluated in Western Europe, are more likely to subscribe to cable/satellite TV than subscribe to/use an OTT VOD service(s), OTT VOD subscribers/users in all regions are more satisfied with their service subscription(s) overall, than cable/satellite TV subscribers are with their TV subscription. While the older generation finds comfort in the familiarity of cable/satellite TV – with the dedicated remote, EPG and wide range of channels available – the younger generation has begun to see value and compelling experiences with OTT streaming video services, making them their go-to for TV/video.
Table of Contents

3.1     Region  7

3.2     Age  8

3.2.1       US  8

3.2.2       Western Europe  9

3.3     Cable/Satellite TV Subscribers Who Subscribe to/Use OTT VOD Service(s) 10

3.3.1       Region  10

3.3.2       Age  11

4.1     Provider 13

4.2     A La Carte or Premium Channels  16

4.2.1       Region  17

4.2.2       Age (Western Europe Only) 18

4.3     Satisfaction of Subscription  19

4.3.1       Region  19

4.3.2       Age (Western Europe Only) 20

4.4     Likes/Dislikes of Subscription (US Only) 21

5.1     Provider 23

5.2     Satisfaction of Subscription  26

5.2.1       Region  26

5.3     Likes/Dislikes of Subscription (US Only) 27

6.1     Region  30

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