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Variety of Content Available is the Key Motivating Factor to Subscribe to/Use TV/Video Services in US & Western Europe

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Report Summary:

As previously reported by Strategy Analytics, survey respondents in the US and all regions evaluated in Western Europe are significantly more likely to subscribe to cable/satellite TV than subscribe to/use an OTT VOD service(s). However, the threat to cable/satellite TV lingers as cheaper OTT VOD services continue to enter the market with value-added features. The variety of content available will be a key motivator for consumers to adopt and/or continue using TV/video services. In the US, UK and France, the most important factor that encourages cable/satellite TV subscribers to subscribe to a cable/satellite TV service is the channels available.  For OTT VOD subscribers/users in the US and Western Europe, the content available and video quality are of the three most important aspects that encourage them to subscribe to/use an OTT VOD service.

Table of Contents

3.1     Region  6

3.2     Age  7

3.2.1       US  7

3.2.2       Western Europe  8

4.1     Motivations to Subscribe  10

4.1.1       Region  11

4.1.2       Age  15

5.1     Motivations to Subscribe  18

5.1.1       Region  19

5.1.1       Age (US Only) 23

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