Author: Chris Schreiner

Publication Date: 5月 04 2017

Pages: 13

Report Type: Insight, Word



Samsung Galaxy S8: UX Expert Review

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Report Summary:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a refined device that not only looks and feels
distinct, but features enough granularities in its settings to make it truly fit into a
user’s lifestyle. But the liberties taken with the hardware to produce something
distinct on the market has given rise to usability issues that are addressed in this

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 3
1.1 Introduction 4
1.2 Design and Hardware 4
1.3 Navigation Options 6
1.4 Apps Edge 7
1.5 Software Home Button 8
1.6 Fingerprint scanner 9
1.7 Iris Scanner and Face Recognition 10
2. Conclusion 12
3. Analyst Contacts 13

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