User Experience Strategies用户体验战略

  • Which future use cases will drive new technologies?
  • Which consumer segments will adopt emerging technologies?
  • What will be the criteria by which consumers will determine the optimal experience with new technologies?
  • Which current solutions are driving best practice experiences?  And what pain-points need to be overcome?
  • What are the physical design and HMI best practices for new technologies?
  • Which monetization strategies will maximize adoption and profitability?

UXS explores the disruption caused by developments in game-changing, emerging, and continually evolving technologies such as:

•        Emerging HMI

•        Artificial intelligence

•        Sensors and biometrics

•        Enhanced display technologies (e.g. VR/AR/Holography)

•        5G & advanced networks

UXS conducts independent, user-centered research with a view to identifying emerging use cases, user and stakeholder requirements, and recommendations for experience optimization. Through research and our world-class expertise we explore the implications for strategic planning of future products, solutions, and experiences across multiple sectors.

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